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Navigating Canada Post Delivery Notices: A Comprehensive Guide

Receiving a Canada Post delivery notice can be confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the different types and options they offer. Understanding these notices can help you avoid missed deliveries, streamline the retrieval process, and ensure your package reaches its destination smoothly. This blog post will guide you through the common types of delivery notices, provide step-by-step instructions on navigating your options, and answer frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Common Delivery Notice Types Explained
  3. Understanding the Information on Your Delivery Notice
  4. Navigating Delivery Notice Options & Actions
  5. Tips for Avoiding Delivery Notice Issues
  6. FAQs
  7. Conclusion


Receiving a delivery notice from Canada Post can be both exciting and confusing. It signals that your package is on its way, but the notice itself might be filled with unfamiliar terms and leave you unsure of your next steps. Whether you’ve missed a delivery attempt, need to pick up your package at the post office, or are dealing with a seemingly undeliverable package, understanding the information on your notice is crucial to ensure your package reaches you. This guide will help you decipher the language and navigate your options with confidence.

Common Delivery Notice Types Explained

Let’s start by breaking down the common types of delivery notices you might receive from Canada Post:

Delivery Attempt

A “Delivery Attempt” notice is left behind when a delivery attempt was unsuccessful. This could be due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Incorrect or incomplete address: Double-check the address on your notice and ensure it’s accurate.
  • Recipient unavailable: The recipient was not available to receive the package at the time of delivery.
  • No access to the delivery location: The delivery person was unable to reach the designated delivery location (e.g., locked gate, inaccessible mailbox).

This notice typically outlines the next steps, which might include:

  • Re-delivery: Canada Post will attempt to deliver the package again at a later time.
  • Pick-up at post office: The package is held at the local post office for recipient pick-up.

Notice of Shipment Arrival

This notice indicates that your package has arrived at the local post office and is ready for pick-up. This notice provides important information like:

  • Package tracking number: You can use this number to track the package’s progress online.
  • Local post office location: This will guide you to the specific post office where your package is held.
  • Pick-up timeframe: You have a certain period to retrieve your package before it is returned to the sender or disposed of.

Notice of Hold for Pickup

This notice indicates that your package is being held at the post office for pick-up, but the reason for the hold might differ from a standard shipment arrival notice. Common reasons include:

  • Recipient request: You might have requested to hold the package at the post office for your convenience.
  • Address verification: Canada Post might need to verify the delivery address before attempting delivery.
  • Oversized item: The package might be too large or heavy for standard delivery, requiring pick-up at the post office.

Notice of Undeliverable Package

An “Undeliverable Package” notice is issued when a package cannot be delivered for reasons such as:

  • Incorrect address: The address on the package is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Refused delivery: The recipient refused to accept the package.
  • Package damaged or lost: The package might have been damaged or lost during transit.

This notice informs you about the potential outcomes:

  • Return to sender: The package will be returned to the sender.
  • Disposal: If the package cannot be returned or is deemed unsafe, it might be disposed of.

It’s essential to follow the instructions on the notice to reclaim your package if possible.

Understanding the Information on Your Delivery Notice

Navigating your options and taking appropriate actions requires understanding the crucial information provided on your delivery notice. Here’s a breakdown of the essential details:

Tracking Number

The tracking number is your key to monitoring the progress of your package. You can find it prominently displayed on the delivery notice. This number allows you to:

  • Track package online: Visit the Canada Post website and enter your tracking number to see where your package is and what stage it’s at in the delivery process.
  • Get real-time updates: You can receive email or text alerts that keep you informed about any changes in the delivery status.
  • Resolve potential issues: If you notice any discrepancies or delays, the tracking number provides valuable information for contacting Canada Post for assistance.

Delivery Date & Time

This information indicates when Canada Post attempted to deliver your package. It might not always be exact, as delivery schedules can be subject to delays or unforeseen circumstances. It’s essential to:

  • Monitor for updates: Check your tracking information regularly to see if there have been any changes to the delivery date and time.
  • Plan accordingly: If you know the estimated delivery window, you can plan your day to be available to receive the package or arrange for someone else to accept it.

Recipient Information

Double-check the recipient information on the delivery notice to ensure it’s accurate. This includes:

  • Full name: Verify that the name on the notice matches the name of the recipient.
  • Address: Confirm that the address is correct and complete, including any apartment numbers or suite numbers.
  • Contact information: Ensure that the contact details (phone number or email address) are accurate so you can be reached if needed.

Contact Information

The delivery notice usually provides contact information for Canada Post, enabling you to reach out if you need assistance or have questions. This might include:

  • Phone numbers: You can call their customer service line for immediate assistance.
  • Online resources: The notice might direct you to specific pages on the Canada Post website for more information.
  • Local post office contact details: This information allows you to contact the local post office directly for inquiries or to arrange pick-up.

Navigating Delivery Notice Options & Actions

Once you understand the information on your delivery notice, you can navigate the available options and take appropriate action. Here are the most common scenarios and their corresponding actions:

Option 1: Re-delivery

If you missed the delivery attempt, you can request a re-delivery. This option is typically available for packages that were marked as “Recipient Unavailable” or “No Access to Delivery Location.” To request re-delivery, you can:

  • Contact Canada Post: Call their customer service line or use the online resources provided on your notice.
  • Provide your tracking number: This helps Canada Post locate your package and schedule the re-delivery.
  • Specify a delivery window: Depending on your location and the availability of delivery services, you might be able to specify a preferred delivery date and time.

Option 2: Pick-up at Post Office

Many delivery notices will indicate that your package is available for pick-up at a local post office. To pick up your package, you’ll need to:

  • Locate the designated post office: The delivery notice will provide the specific post office address.
  • Bring valid identification: You’ll need to show a government-issued ID to verify your identity before collecting your package.
  • Pick-up within the timeframe: Be sure to pick up your package within the allotted timeframe. Packages left unclaimed after this period might be returned to the sender or disposed of.

Option 3: Address Correction

If the address on your delivery notice is incorrect, you need to take prompt action to correct it. Incorrect addresses can significantly delay your package delivery. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Contact Canada Post: Reach out to their customer service line or use their online resources.
  • Provide accurate address details: Ensure that you give the correct and complete delivery address.
  • Verify package location: Ask Canada Post to confirm the package’s location and the updated delivery timeframe.

Option 4: Package Refusal

In certain situations, you might need to refuse a package. This could be due to a damaged package, an unexpected order, or other reasons. Here’s how to refuse delivery:

  • Contact Canada Post: Inform them of your decision to refuse delivery.
  • Provide your tracking number: This allows them to identify the package.
  • Confirm return or disposal: Inquire about the process for returning the package to the sender or its disposal if return isn’t feasible.

Tips for Avoiding Delivery Notice Issues

By following these tips, you can minimize the chances of encountering delivery notice issues:

  • Provide Accurate & Complete Address Information: Ensure you provide clear and complete address details during online orders.
  • Choose a Safe & Secure Delivery Location: Consider using a secure address (e.g., work, trusted neighbor) for deliveries.
  • Monitor Package Tracking: Keep an eye on your package’s progress through tracking numbers.
  • Communicate with Canada Post: Contact Canada Post promptly if you have any questions, concerns, or issues with your delivery.


What if I missed the delivery attempt?

If you missed the delivery attempt, you can request a re-delivery or pick up the package at the designated post office.

What happens if I can’t pick up my package within the timeframe?

If you can’t pick up your package within the specified timeframe, it might be returned to the sender or disposed of. Check the delivery notice for details.

How long does it take for a package to be returned to the sender?

Return to sender timelines vary depending on the origin and destination of the package. Contact Canada Post for a more specific estimate.

What if I received a delivery notice but the package is not at the post office?

If the package is not at the post office as indicated on the notice, contact Canada Post immediately to investigate the issue.

Can I track my package with only a partial tracking number?

It’s best to have the complete tracking number for accurate tracking. However, Canada Post might be able to assist you with partial numbers if you provide additional details.


Understanding Canada Post delivery notices is essential for ensuring smooth and timely package delivery. By being aware of the different types of notices, the information they provide, and your available options, you can navigate the process with confidence. Remember to monitor your package’s progress, communicate with Canada Post if you encounter any issues, and follow the instructions on your delivery notice for a successful delivery experience.