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My Canada Post Package Says Delivered, But I Didn’t Get it. What Should I Do?


You eagerly await the arrival of your package. It’s a long-awaited purchase, a gift for a loved one, or maybe just a new pair of socks. You check the tracking number, and there it is, in bold letters: “Delivered.” But when you go to retrieve your package, it’s nowhere to be found. The dreaded feeling of frustration sets in. “Delivered” is a powerful word, implying that the package is safe and sound, yet it’s seemingly vanished into thin air.

This situation is more common than you might think. Many people experience missing packages, and the initial shock can quickly turn into a stressful search for answers. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process of finding your missing Canada Post package.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding the Problem
  • Steps to Take
    • Step 1: Check Your Delivery Location
    • Step 2: Contact Canada Post
    • Step 3: File a Claim
    • Step 4: Contact the Sender
  • Tips for Preventing Package Theft
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Understanding the Problem

It’s frustrating to see “Delivered” on your tracking information when the package is nowhere to be found. Several factors can contribute to this situation.

  • Delivery Error: The most common reason is a simple mistake. The package might have been left at the wrong address, especially if your delivery address has changed recently or if similar addresses exist in your neighborhood.
  • Theft: Unfortunately, package theft is a growing issue. Packages left unattended on doorsteps or porches are vulnerable targets for opportunistic thieves.
  • Damaged Packaging: Sometimes, the package might have sustained damage during transit, leading to its contents being lost or compromised.
  • Miscommunication: There could be a misunderstanding between the carrier and the recipient. For example, the carrier might have left the package in a different location than agreed upon.
  • Delivery Delays: In rare cases, a package might be marked as delivered before it actually reaches its destination.

Understanding the potential causes can guide your next steps in recovering your missing package.

Steps to Take

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find your missing package:

Step 1: Check Your Delivery Location

  • Double-check the delivery address: Ensure that the delivery address on the tracking information is correct and matches your current address.
  • Review special instructions: Did you provide specific instructions for the delivery, such as leaving the package at the back door or with a neighbor?
  • Look around your immediate area: Carefully check your doorstep, porch, mailbox, and any nearby areas. It’s possible the package was simply left in an unexpected spot.
  • Check with neighbors: If you live in an apartment building or a close-knit neighborhood, ask your neighbors if they saw a package delivered to your address.
  • Review security cameras: If you or your neighbors have security cameras, review footage to see if the package was delivered and if it was subsequently removed.

Step 2: Contact Canada Post

  • Gather your information: Have the tracking number, the sender’s information, and a brief description of the package ready.
  • Explain the situation: Inform Canada Post that the package is marked as delivered but you haven’t received it.
  • Request a delivery investigation: Canada Post can initiate an investigation to track down the missing package.
  • Be patient: Investigations can take time, typically 30 days, but it’s essential to communicate with Canada Post regularly to track progress.

Step 3: File a Claim

If your package is confirmed lost or stolen after the investigation, you can file a claim with Canada Post. Here’s how:

  • Understand the claim process: Visit the Canada Post website or call their customer service for detailed information about the claim process.
  • Gather necessary documentation: Prepare the tracking number, the sender’s information, a detailed description of the package’s contents, and any proof of purchase (receipts, invoices). You might also need to provide information about the value of the lost package.
  • Submit the claim: Follow the instructions provided by Canada Post to submit your claim. They will review your documentation and determine whether your claim is eligible.
  • Claim timeline: Be patient as processing claims can take time, depending on the complexity of the situation. You will receive a notification regarding the outcome of your claim.

Step 4: Contact the Sender

While you are in contact with Canada Post, it’s also a good idea to contact the sender of your package.

  • Inform them about the situation: Explain that your package is marked as delivered but missing.
  • Request a replacement or refund: Depending on the situation and the sender’s policies, you can request a replacement package or a refund for the lost package.
  • Provide updates: Keep the sender updated on your progress with Canada Post.

Tips for Preventing Package Theft

Taking steps to secure your packages can significantly reduce the risk of theft. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Request signature upon delivery: This ensures that the package is handed directly to you.
  • Use a secure delivery location: Consider using a package locker or requesting delivery to a secure location like a neighbor’s porch.
  • Track your package: Stay informed about the delivery status and the estimated arrival time. This allows you to be prepared for the delivery and take appropriate security measures.


  • What if the package was delivered to the wrong address?
    • Contact Canada Post and provide the correct address. They will attempt to retrieve the package.
  • How long does a delivery investigation take?
    • It can take up to 30 days to complete an investigation.
  • What if my claim is denied?
    • Contact Canada Post to understand the reason for denial.
  • Can I file a claim with the sender?
    • In some cases, you may be able to file a claim with the sender, but it depends on their policies.


Dealing with a missing package can be frustrating, but taking proactive steps can significantly increase your chances of recovering it. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can navigate the process effectively and potentially receive your package or a suitable resolution.

Remember, communication is key. Contact Canada Post promptly, document your efforts, and keep the sender informed. Sharing your experiences and learning from others can also be beneficial.