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Understanding Canada Post Tracking Statuses: A Comprehensive Guide

Tracking packages is an essential part of the delivery process, offering peace of mind for both senders and recipients. For senders, tracking provides visibility into the journey of their package, ensuring it arrives safely and on time. For recipients, it allows them to anticipate the arrival of their package and plan accordingly. Canada Post’s comprehensive tracking system plays a vital role in facilitating this process, offering detailed insights into the status of your package at every step of the journey. This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide to understanding the most common Canada Post tracking statuses, helping you navigate the delivery process with ease.

Table of Contents:

Common Canada Post Tracking Statuses

The Canada Post tracking system uses a series of statuses to communicate the current location and progress of your package. Understanding these statuses is crucial for staying informed about your shipment’s journey.

“In Transit”

The “In Transit” status signifies that your package is on its way to its final destination. It can be broken down into various stages, each representing a different point in the delivery process. For instance, your package might be processed at a sorting facility, loaded onto a delivery truck, or transported between different cities or provinces. The duration of the “In Transit” status can vary depending on several factors, such as the distance to be covered, potential delays due to weather conditions or holidays, and the specific service used for delivery.

“Out for Delivery”

The “Out for Delivery” status means your package has left the local delivery facility and is currently on its way to your address. This generally indicates that delivery is expected within the same day, although the exact timeframe can fluctuate depending on various factors like traffic conditions or the delivery route.


The “Delivered” status signifies that your package has arrived at its intended destination. This is the final status you’ll see in the tracking system, indicating the completion of the delivery process. However, it’s important to note that the “Delivered” status might not always correspond with actual physical delivery. For example, if the package was left at your door without requiring a signature, it would still be marked as “Delivered” in the system.

Understanding Other Tracking Statuses

Beyond the most common statuses, Canada Post uses other indicators to provide a more detailed picture of your package’s journey.

“Arrival at Destination Facility”

This status means your package has reached the local delivery facility responsible for handling deliveries in your area. This signifies that your package is nearing its final delivery stage and is expected to be delivered soon.

“Processed at Sort Facility”

The “Processed at Sort Facility” status indicates that your package has been sorted and prepared for onward delivery. This status is typically followed by the “In Transit” status, as the package moves from the sorting facility towards its final destination.

“Exception” or “Delay”

“Exception” and “Delay” statuses signal a potential disruption or delay in the delivery process. These statuses can occur due to various reasons such as:

  • Address Issues: An incorrect or incomplete address might hinder the delivery process.
  • Weather Conditions: Adverse weather conditions like heavy snow or extreme heat can cause delays.
  • Customs Delays: Packages might face delays due to customs clearance requirements.

If you encounter an “Exception” or “Delay” status, it’s advisable to check the tracking details for a more specific explanation of the delay. You might also consider contacting Canada Post customer service for additional information or assistance.

“Held at Customs”

This status indicates that your package is currently being held at customs for inspection or clearance. This can occur due to various reasons, such as:

  • Missing Documentation: Packages might be held if required documents are missing or incomplete.
  • Prohibited Items: Certain items are prohibited from entering the country and might be held by customs.
  • Random Inspection: Packages might be randomly selected for inspection by customs officials.

If your package is held at customs, you can track its status using the Canada Post website. You might also need to provide additional information or documentation to customs officials to facilitate the clearance process.

Tips for Effective Tracking

To ensure a smooth and efficient tracking experience, consider these helpful tips:

How to Track Your Package

Tracking your package is simple using the Canada Post website or app.

  1. Visit the Canada Post website or open the app.
  2. Enter your tracking number in the designated field.
  3. Click “Track” or “Search.”
  4. The tracking information for your package will be displayed, showing its current status and delivery history.

Tips for Avoiding Tracking Issues

  • Accurate and Complete Address: Provide accurate and complete delivery address details to avoid potential delays or misdeliveries.
  • Registered Mail or Insurance: For valuable or fragile items, consider using registered mail or insurance to ensure additional protection and peace of mind.

FAQ Section

This section addresses frequently asked questions related to Canada Post tracking statuses.

Q: What if my tracking information is not updated?

A: There are several potential reasons for delayed tracking updates.

  • Network Issues: Technical glitches or network disruptions can cause delays in updating tracking information.
  • Volume of Shipments: During peak seasons, like the holiday period, delays in tracking updates are common due to increased package volumes.
  • Remote Locations: Tracking updates might take longer to appear for packages being shipped to remote locations.

If your tracking information isn’t updating, you can check the Canada Post website or app periodically for updates. You can also contact Canada Post customer service for assistance.

Q: How do I contact Canada Post for assistance?

A: You can contact Canada Post customer service through various methods:

  • Phone: Call the Canada Post customer service line at 1-800-267-1177.
  • Email: Visit the Canada Post website and submit an online inquiry using the “Contact Us” form.
  • Online Chat: You can access the online chat feature on the Canada Post website for immediate assistance.

Q: What should I do if my package is lost or damaged?

A: If your package is lost or damaged, you should file a claim with Canada Post.

  1. Report the Incident: Contact Canada Post customer service to report the lost or damaged package.
  2. Gather Documentation: Provide relevant documentation, such as proof of purchase, tracking number, and any photos of the damaged package.
  3. File a Claim: Canada Post will guide you through the claims process and provide further instructions.

Q: Can I track a package without a tracking number?

A: Tracking a package without a tracking number is not possible through the Canada Post website or app. Tracking numbers are essential for identifying and tracking individual packages. If you don’t have a tracking number, you can contact the sender to obtain it.

Q: What is the difference between Expedited Parcel and Xpresspost?

A: Canada Post offers various service levels, including Expedited Parcel and Xpresspost, with different delivery times and tracking features.

  • Expedited Parcel: Offers a standard delivery option with a guaranteed delivery timeframe.
  • Xpresspost: Provides a faster and more reliable delivery option with guaranteed overnight delivery for most destinations.


Understanding Canada Post tracking statuses is crucial for a seamless and informed package delivery experience. By familiarizing yourself with the common statuses and their meanings, you can proactively track your package, anticipate its arrival, and plan accordingly. Remember to contact Canada Post customer service for assistance with any questions or concerns you may have. Stay tuned for future blog posts on Canada Post and other relevant shipping topics!