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FedEx Completes TNT Express Integration: What’s Changed and What It Means for Shippers


The acquisition of TNT Express by FedEx in 2016 marked a significant milestone in the global logistics landscape. This strategic move aimed to combine FedEx’s renowned express delivery network with TNT’s strong presence in Europe and other regions, creating a powerhouse in the international shipping industry. The integration process, however, was a complex undertaking requiring significant time and effort.

This blog post will provide a comprehensive overview of the FedEx-TNT Express integration, examining the changes it has brought about for shippers and exploring the potential benefits and future implications.

Table of Contents

  1. The Integration Process
  2. Changes for Shippers
  3. Benefits for Shippers
  4. The Future of FedEx
  5. FAQ Section
  6. Conclusion

The Integration Process

The integration of FedEx and TNT Express was a multi-year endeavor marked by several key milestones. The acquisition was announced in April 2016, and after regulatory approvals were obtained, the integration process officially began in June 2016.

The integration was not without its challenges. Harmonizing operational systems, aligning IT infrastructure, and navigating cultural differences were crucial hurdles that FedEx had to overcome. The company implemented a phased approach to streamline operations, prioritizing efficiency and seamless integration of the two networks.

The successful completion of the integration process, finalized in June 2019, has resulted in a more robust and integrated global logistics network for FedEx. The company has implemented numerous operational changes to ensure efficient workflows and optimize service delivery across the combined network.

Changes for Shippers

The FedEx-TNT Express integration has brought about several significant changes for shippers, leading to a wider range of services, enhanced technology, and improved accessibility to global markets.

Network Expansion

The integration has expanded FedEx’s global network reach, opening up new destinations and service offerings for shippers. This expanded network provides greater flexibility and accessibility to a wider range of markets.

[Image: Map showcasing FedEx’s global network, highlighting new destinations added through TNT integration]

Enhanced Service Portfolio

The combined network offers a broadened range of services, including express delivery, freight forwarding, and specialized logistics solutions. Shippers now have access to a more comprehensive portfolio of services tailored to their specific needs, including:

  • Express Delivery: Faster and more reliable delivery options for time-sensitive shipments.
  • Freight Forwarding: Efficient and cost-effective solutions for large and heavy shipments.
  • Specialized Logistics: Customized solutions for specific industries, such as healthcare and automotive.

This expanded service portfolio allows shippers to optimize their supply chains, leverage diverse delivery options, and achieve better efficiency and cost savings.

Technology Integration

The integration has resulted in a unified platform for tracking shipments, providing shippers with real-time visibility into the location and status of their goods. This improved technology allows for better communication, reduced delays, and increased transparency throughout the shipping process.

[Image: Screenshot showcasing FedEx’s online tracking platform, highlighting features and functionality]

FedEx has also introduced new tools and features for shippers, including:

  • Automated Shipping Processes: Streamline shipping procedures and reduce manual effort.
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities: Provide detailed insights into shipping performance and logistics data.
  • Improved Customer Service: Offer faster response times and more comprehensive support.

These technological advancements aim to improve the shipping experience for shippers, making it more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly.

Benefits for Shippers

The FedEx-TNT Express integration offers several tangible benefits for shippers, enhancing operational efficiency, expanding market reach, and improving customer service.

Improved Efficiency

The integration has streamlined processes and optimized networks, leading to faster delivery times and cost savings for shippers. The combined network allows for more efficient routing, optimized capacity utilization, and reduced transit times, ultimately resulting in faster and more cost-effective delivery solutions.

[Example: Case study demonstrating how a shipper experienced reduced delivery times and cost savings after the integration.]

Increased Reach

Shippers now have access to a wider range of markets and destinations through the combined network, opening up new opportunities for business growth and expansion. The expanded network allows businesses to reach a larger customer base, penetrate new markets, and increase their global footprint.

[Example: Highlighting the potential for a shipper to expand into new markets through the integrated network.]

Enhanced Customer Service

The integration has led to improved customer service, with faster response times, more comprehensive support, and increased communication throughout the shipping process. FedEx has implemented initiatives to enhance customer service, such as:

  • Dedicated customer support teams: Provide personalized assistance and address specific needs.
  • Online chat and support portals: Offer convenient and accessible customer service channels.
  • Improved communication channels: Keep shippers informed about their shipment status and any potential delays.

These initiatives aim to ensure a positive and efficient experience for shippers, fostering trust and building lasting relationships.

The Future of FedEx

Following the successful integration of TNT Express, FedEx is poised for continued growth and expansion in the global logistics industry. The company remains focused on innovation and technology, leveraging its combined network and resources to stay ahead of the competition.

FedEx is committed to investing in technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence, automation, and data analytics, to further optimize its operations and enhance customer experiences. The company is also actively exploring new markets and service offerings, aiming to solidify its position as a leader in the evolving logistics landscape.

The integration of TNT Express has strengthened FedEx’s global presence and broadened its service portfolio, positioning the company for further success in the years to come. As the logistics industry continues to evolve, FedEx remains committed to delivering reliable and efficient shipping solutions to meet the growing needs of its customers.

FAQ Section

What are the key benefits for shippers after the integration?

The integration offers several key benefits for shippers, including:

  • Expanded global reach: Access to a wider range of markets and destinations.
  • Enhanced service portfolio: A more comprehensive range of shipping services, including express, freight, and specialized logistics solutions.
  • Improved efficiency: Faster delivery times, reduced transit times, and cost savings.
  • Advanced technology: Unified platform for shipment tracking, automated shipping processes, and improved customer support.
  • Enhanced customer service: Faster response times, more comprehensive support, and improved communication channels.

How has the integration impacted shipping rates?

The impact on shipping rates has varied depending on the specific routes and services. However, the integration has generally led to more competitive pricing due to increased efficiency and optimized network utilization.

What are the new destinations and services offered?

The integration has expanded FedEx’s global network reach, adding new destinations in Europe, Asia, and other regions. It has also led to a broadened range of services, including specialized logistics solutions for various industries.

How does the integration affect existing TNT Express customers?

Existing TNT Express customers have transitioned to FedEx services, benefiting from the same level of quality and reliability, along with the added benefits of the expanded network and services.

What are the future implications of the integration?

The integration is expected to have a significant impact on the future of FedEx, positioning the company for continued growth and expansion in the global logistics industry. FedEx is investing in technology, exploring new markets, and developing innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition.


The FedEx-TNT Express integration has resulted in a robust and integrated global logistics network, bringing numerous benefits for shippers. From enhanced efficiency and expanded reach to improved customer service and technological advancements, the integration has positioned FedEx as a leading player in the international shipping industry.

This blog post has outlined the key changes, benefits, and future implications of the integration, providing valuable insights for shippers seeking to optimize their logistics operations and expand their global presence. The integration has created a powerful platform for FedEx to continue its growth and innovation, offering greater opportunities and improved solutions for shippers worldwide.