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The High Cost of Shipping Got You Down? Learn How to Get a Discount on FedEx Shipping

The joy of receiving a package is often overshadowed by the sticker shock of its shipping cost. FedEx, a leading global shipping company, is known for its reliability and speed, but their prices can be steep. If you’re looking to save money on your FedEx shipments, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to unlock discounts and significantly reduce your shipping expenses.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding FedEx Discounts
    • Types of Discounts
      • Volume Discounts
      • Contractual Discounts
      • Promotional Discounts
      • Loyalty Programs
      • Other Discounts
  • Getting Discounts on FedEx Shipping
    • Tip 1: Utilize FedEx’s Online Tools
    • Tip 2: Negotiate a Contract
    • Tip 3: Join FedEx’s Loyalty Programs
    • Tip 4: Leverage Seasonal Sales and Promotions
    • Tip 5: Optimize Packaging and Shipping Practices
    • Tip 6: Consider Alternative Shipping Options
  • FAQs
    • Can I combine different types of discounts?
    • What are the limitations of FedEx discounts?
    • How do I contact FedEx for support with discounts?
    • Is it worth it to negotiate a contract with FedEx?
  • Conclusion

Understanding FedEx Discounts

FedEx, like any business, seeks to incentivize customers with various discounts. These discounts can vary in their availability and application, depending on your shipping volume, relationship with FedEx, and current promotional offers. Let’s delve into the common types of FedEx discounts.

Types of Discounts

Volume Discounts

As with most shipping services, FedEx offers discounts based on your shipping volume. The more you ship, the lower your per-shipment price tends to be. This is because FedEx can streamline their operations and reduce costs when handling large quantities of packages from a single sender. These discounts are usually tiered, meaning the greater the volume, the bigger the discount.

Contractual Discounts

Contractual discounts are negotiated agreements between you and FedEx. These agreements typically involve significant shipping volume commitments over a defined period. The negotiation process can be complex, requiring research into FedEx rates, careful analysis of your shipping needs, and a well-prepared proposal. However, securing a contract can lead to substantial savings, making it an attractive option for businesses with high shipping needs.

Promotional Discounts

FedEx frequently runs promotional discounts, often timed around holidays, seasonal events, or specific industry needs. These discounts might be temporary, but they can offer significant savings on your shipments. Stay updated by subscribing to FedEx’s email newsletters, following them on social media, or visiting their website for the latest promotional offers.

Loyalty Programs

FedEx also offers loyalty programs like FedEx Rewards and FedEx Ship Manager. These programs reward you for your continued business with discounts, priority service, and exclusive benefits. By accumulating points through your shipping activities, you can redeem them for discounted shipping rates or other perks.

Other Discounts

Besides the primary discounts listed above, FedEx occasionally offers other incentives like early bird discounts for early booking, referral programs, and discounts for specific industries. Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities to maximize your savings.

Getting Discounts on FedEx Shipping

Now that you understand the various discount types, let’s move on to actionable steps you can take to obtain these discounts and reduce your FedEx shipping costs.

Tip 1: Utilize FedEx’s Online Tools

FedEx provides a variety of online tools and resources designed to streamline your shipping process and help you find discounts. Their website and mobile app offer features like:

  • Rate Calculator: This tool helps you compare rates for different shipping options, allowing you to find the most cost-effective solution for your needs.
  • Discount Finder: This feature helps you identify available discounts based on your specific shipping needs and location. It allows you to search for promotional discounts, loyalty program benefits, and other applicable offers.

Make sure to leverage these online tools to stay informed about available discounts and make informed decisions about your shipping choices.

Tip 2: Negotiate a Contract

If you’re a high-volume shipper, negotiating a contract with FedEx can lead to significant savings. Here’s how to approach this process:

  1. Identify Your Shipping Needs: Analyze your shipping volume, package sizes, destinations, and service requirements.
  2. Research FedEx Rates: Compare rates for different shipping options and explore FedEx’s current contract offerings.
  3. Prepare a Proposal: Craft a compelling proposal outlining your shipping volume, needs, and desired discounts.
  4. Contact FedEx: Connect with a FedEx account representative to discuss your proposal and explore potential contract opportunities.

Remember to build a strong relationship with your FedEx account representative. This helps ensure smooth communication, faster negotiation, and better overall service.

Tip 3: Join FedEx’s Loyalty Programs

FedEx’s loyalty programs, such as FedEx Rewards and FedEx Ship Manager, are designed to reward loyal customers with discounts and benefits. Joining these programs is often straightforward and can lead to substantial savings over time.

  • FedEx Rewards: This program allows you to earn points for every shipment you make. These points can be redeemed for discounted shipping rates, priority service, and other benefits.
  • FedEx Ship Manager: This program offers features like online shipping management, tracking tools, and special offers. Membership in this program also provides access to discounts and promotions.

Understand the program’s requirements and benefits to maximize your points accumulation and redeem them for valuable discounts.

Tip 4: Leverage Seasonal Sales and Promotions

FedEx, like many businesses, offers seasonal sales and limited-time promotions to attract customers. These promotions can provide significant discounts on your shipping costs.

  • Stay Informed: Subscribe to FedEx’s email newsletters, follow their social media, and regularly check their website for updates on current promotions.
  • Explore Past Promotions: Review past promotions to get an idea of typical discount offers and the times of year they are most likely to occur.
  • Plan Your Shipments: Try to schedule your shipments during promotional periods to benefit from the discounts.

By staying informed about FedEx’s promotional offers, you can save a significant amount on your shipping costs.

Tip 5: Optimize Packaging and Shipping Practices

While this tip doesn’t involve direct discounts, optimizing your packaging and shipping practices can indirectly lead to lower shipping costs. This involves:

  • Package Size: Choose the smallest package that fits your items securely to reduce shipping weight and dimensions, thus lowering the shipping rate.
  • Shipping Methods: Explore different FedEx shipping options like FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight. Compare rates and service times to find the most cost-effective option for your specific needs.
  • Packaging Guidelines: Follow FedEx’s packaging guidelines to ensure proper protection of your items and prevent damage during shipment. This can help avoid costly replacements or re-shipments.

By optimizing your packaging and shipping practices, you can reduce your overall shipping costs and save money.

Tip 6: Consider Alternative Shipping Options

While this blog post focuses on getting discounts on FedEx shipping, it’s essential to be aware of alternative shipping options. Sometimes, exploring other carriers like UPS or USPS might offer better rates for your specific needs. Don’t limit yourself to FedEx, and always compare prices from multiple carriers before making a decision.


Can I combine different types of discounts?

Yes, you can often combine certain types of discounts. For instance, you might be eligible for both a volume discount and a promotional discount on a specific shipment. However, it’s crucial to review FedEx’s terms and conditions to understand which discounts can be stacked and their specific limitations.

What are the limitations of FedEx discounts?

Discounts often have limitations like minimum shipping volume requirements, specific service types, or geographical restrictions. It’s essential to research the details of each discount you’re considering to ensure you qualify and understand any limitations.

How do I contact FedEx for support with discounts?

You can contact FedEx for support with discounts through various channels:

  • Customer Service: Use the phone number or online chat provided on FedEx’s website.
  • Account Representatives: If you have a FedEx account, you can reach out to your assigned account representative for assistance.
  • Online Resources: Explore FedEx’s online resources, including their website and frequently asked questions sections, for information and answers to your questions.

Is it worth it to negotiate a contract with FedEx?

The decision of whether to negotiate a contract depends on your specific shipping needs and volume. For high-volume shippers, negotiating a contract can lead to significant cost savings. However, it requires time and effort to research rates, prepare a proposal, and negotiate with FedEx. Consider the potential cost savings against the time and effort involved in deciding if a contract is right for you.


This comprehensive guide has provided you with a solid understanding of FedEx discounts and the strategies to unlock savings on your shipments. Remember, the key to reducing your FedEx shipping costs lies in understanding the discount structures, utilizing available online tools, and actively exploring available discounts and promotions.

By implementing these tips, you can take control of your shipping expenses and enjoy significant savings on your FedEx shipments. Happy shipping!