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GLS Ireland: A Guide to Domestic and International Services


GLS Ireland is a leading logistics and delivery company renowned for its reliable and efficient services across Ireland and internationally. Whether you need to send a small parcel across town or a large shipment to another continent, GLS Ireland has a solution tailored to your needs. This comprehensive guide will delve into the various domestic and international services offered by GLS Ireland, providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions for your next shipment.

Table of Contents

  1. GLS Ireland’s Domestic Services
  2. GLS Ireland’s International Services
  3. GLS Ireland: Benefits and Features
  4. FAQ Section
  5. Conclusion

GLS Ireland’s Domestic Services


GLS Ireland offers a comprehensive range of domestic services designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses. From standard parcel delivery to specialized pallet shipping and express options, GLS Ireland ensures your shipments reach their destination safely and on time. The company’s nationwide coverage, reliable delivery timeframes, and advanced tracking system provide peace of mind for every shipment.

Services Breakdown

Parcel Delivery

GLS Ireland’s standard parcel delivery service is perfect for individuals and businesses requiring reliable and cost-effective shipment of smaller items. The service accommodates various package sizes and weights, ensuring flexibility for your shipping needs. Key features include:

  • Nationwide Coverage: GLS Ireland’s network covers every corner of Ireland, ensuring seamless delivery across the country.
  • Competitive Pricing: GLS Ireland offers competitive pricing for its standard parcel delivery service, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious customers.
  • Real-time Tracking: The advanced online tracking system enables you to monitor the progress of your parcel in real-time, providing up-to-date information on its location and status.
  • Delivery Timeframes: Delivery timeframes vary depending on the origin and destination, with most standard parcels reaching their recipients within 1-2 business days.
  • Size and Weight Restrictions: While GLS Ireland’s parcel delivery service accommodates a wide range of package sizes and weights, there are specific limitations. It’s essential to check the website for details regarding permissible dimensions and maximum weight for your shipment.

Pallet Delivery

For heavier and bulkier items, GLS Ireland provides a specialized pallet delivery service. This service ensures the safe and secure transportation of pallets, utilizing specialized equipment and trained personnel to handle them with utmost care. Here’s what you can expect from GLS Ireland’s pallet delivery service:

  • Specialized Handling: GLS Ireland utilizes specially designed trucks and equipment to handle pallets efficiently and safely, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.
  • Dedicated Delivery Timeframes: GLS Ireland offers dedicated delivery timeframes for pallet shipments, considering the increased size and weight of the cargo.
  • Safety Measures: The company implements robust safety measures during the entire pallet delivery process, from loading to unloading, ensuring the well-being of personnel and the integrity of the shipment.
  • Competitive Rates: GLS Ireland offers competitive rates for its pallet delivery service, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses requiring reliable transportation of heavier goods.

Express Delivery

GLS Ireland’s express delivery service is the ideal choice for time-sensitive shipments that require faster delivery times. This expedited service prioritizes your shipment, ensuring its quick delivery to its destination.

  • Accelerated Delivery: GLS Ireland’s express delivery service ensures your shipment reaches its destination within a shorter timeframe than standard delivery.
  • Potential Cost Variations: Express delivery services typically come with a higher cost compared to standard delivery options due to the expedited handling and transportation. However, GLS Ireland strives to offer competitive rates, balancing speed and affordability.
  • Suitable for Diverse Needs: Whether you need to deliver urgent documents, critical supplies, or time-sensitive merchandise, GLS Ireland’s express delivery service is designed to meet your specific requirements.

Additional Domestic Services

Apart from the core parcel, pallet, and express delivery services, GLS Ireland offers various additional services tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers. These include:

  • Collection and Delivery: GLS Ireland provides a convenient collection and delivery service for businesses requiring streamlined shipment management. This service allows customers to schedule pickups for their packages directly from their premises, simplifying the shipping process.
  • Returns Management: GLS Ireland offers a comprehensive returns management service for online businesses, simplifying the process of handling returned goods. This service includes dedicated return labels, tracking information, and secure return processing, enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining logistics.
  • Special Handling Requirements: GLS Ireland understands that some shipments require special handling due to their delicate nature or specific requirements. The company offers specialized services for temperature-controlled shipments, fragile items, and other goods requiring careful attention during transportation.

GLS Ireland’s International Services


GLS Ireland’s international services extend its reach beyond Irish borders, offering reliable and efficient delivery solutions for global shipments. The company’s robust network and partnerships with reputable international carriers ensure secure and timely delivery to destinations worldwide. GLS Ireland specializes in handling a variety of international shipments, from small parcels to larger freight forwarding requirements.

Services Breakdown

International Parcel Delivery

GLS Ireland’s international parcel delivery service provides a cost-effective solution for sending packages to destinations across the globe. This service handles various package sizes and weights, offering flexibility for your international shipping needs. Key features include:

  • Global Reach: GLS Ireland’s network spans multiple countries and regions worldwide, ensuring your shipments can reach destinations across continents.
  • Delivery Timeframes: Delivery timeframes for international shipments depend on the origin, destination, and chosen delivery method. GLS Ireland provides estimated delivery windows based on your shipment details.
  • Tracking Options: The online tracking system allows you to monitor the progress of your international parcel throughout its journey, providing visibility into its location and status.
  • Customs Clearance Procedures: GLS Ireland provides support for customs clearance procedures, ensuring your shipments comply with international regulations and navigate customs processes smoothly.
  • Potential Restrictions: Certain items may be subject to restrictions or regulations based on international import/export laws. GLS Ireland advises on any specific restrictions applicable to your shipment, ensuring compliance and avoiding delays.

Express International Delivery

For urgent international shipments, GLS Ireland offers an express delivery service to expedite the delivery process. This service prioritizes your shipment, ensuring it reaches its destination quickly and efficiently.

  • Accelerated Delivery: GLS Ireland’s express international delivery service ensures your shipment reaches its destination within a shorter timeframe than standard international delivery.
  • Potential Cost Variations: Similar to domestic express delivery, international express services come with a higher cost due to the expedited handling and transport. GLS Ireland strives to offer competitive rates, balancing speed and affordability.
  • Documentation Importance: Proper documentation is crucial for smooth customs clearance of international express shipments. GLS Ireland provides guidance on necessary documentation and assists in ensuring compliance with customs regulations.

Freight Forwarding

For larger-scale shipments requiring specialized handling, GLS Ireland provides a comprehensive freight forwarding service. This service handles the entire shipping process, from consolidation to transportation and delivery to international destinations.

  • Consolidation: GLS Ireland efficiently consolidates multiple shipments into larger units, maximizing space utilization and reducing shipping costs.
  • Transport: The company utilizes a network of trusted carriers and logistics providers to ensure the safe and timely transport of freight to its destination.
  • International Delivery: GLS Ireland manages all aspects of international delivery, including customs clearance, documentation, and final delivery to the designated recipient.

Additional International Services

GLS Ireland provides various additional services to complement its core international shipping offerings. These services include:

  • Import/Export Documentation Assistance: GLS Ireland offers expert guidance and support for preparing and submitting necessary import and export documentation, ensuring compliance with international regulations.
  • Specialized Handling for Delicate Items: For shipments containing fragile or high-value items, GLS Ireland provides specialized handling procedures, utilizing specialized packaging and transportation methods to ensure their safe arrival.

GLS Ireland: Benefits and Features

Reliable Delivery

GLS Ireland is committed to providing reliable delivery services, ensuring your shipments arrive on time and in good condition. The company’s robust network, experienced personnel, and advanced logistics systems contribute to its high delivery success rate.

Tracking & Visibility

GLS Ireland’s online tracking system provides real-time visibility into the progress of your shipments, offering peace of mind and ensuring transparency throughout the delivery process. You can track your shipments from the moment they are picked up until they reach their destination.

Customer Support

GLS Ireland offers dedicated customer support channels to answer your questions, provide assistance, and address any concerns you may have. The company’s responsive and knowledgeable customer support team is available via phone, email, and online chat to ensure your satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing

GLS Ireland offers competitive pricing for its domestic and international services, striving to provide value for money and cater to diverse budgets. The company encourages customers to request quotes for specific shipments to compare prices and choose the most suitable option.


GLS Ireland stands as a reliable and efficient logistics partner for individuals and businesses seeking seamless domestic and international delivery solutions. Whether you need to ship a small package across town or manage a large-scale freight forwarding project, GLS Ireland offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your specific needs. With its commitment to reliable delivery, advanced tracking, and dedicated customer support, GLS Ireland ensures your shipments reach their destination safely and on time.

For further information on GLS Ireland’s services, visit their website or contact their customer support team for personalized assistance.