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GLS Paketomati: A Convenient Delivery Solution in Baltic States


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. We demand quick and easy access to everything, especially when it comes to receiving our online purchases. This is where package lockers come in, revolutionizing the delivery experience and offering a much-needed solution for busy individuals and businesses alike.

The Baltic States, with their booming e-commerce scene and bustling urban centers, are witnessing a surge in the demand for efficient and reliable delivery services. Among the many players vying for a spot in this competitive market, GLS Paketomati stands out as a leading provider of convenient and secure package locker solutions.

This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive overview of GLS Paketomati, exploring its features, advantages, and how it can simplify your delivery experience in the Baltic States.

Table of Contents

What are GLS Paketomati?

GLS Paketomati are automated package lockers offered by the renowned logistics company, GLS. These innovative self-service kiosks provide a secure and convenient way to receive and send packages, eliminating the need for traditional home deliveries.

The process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Ordering a delivery to a Paketomati: When placing an order online, you simply choose a GLS Paketomati location as your preferred delivery address.
  2. Receiving a notification and accessing the locker: Once your package arrives at the chosen Paketomati, you will receive a notification via SMS or email, informing you about the delivery. You will also receive a unique code to access your package.
  3. Retrieving the package with a unique code: Upon reaching the Paketomati, you enter your unique code on the touch screen panel, and the designated locker will open, allowing you to retrieve your package.

Beyond its simplicity, GLS Paketomati offers a range of benefits that make it a compelling choice for both senders and recipients:

  • Convenience and flexibility: The 24/7 availability of Paketomati allows you to collect your package at your convenience, without needing to wait for a courier or being tied to a specific delivery window. The extensive network of locations throughout the Baltic States further enhances the flexibility of this service.
  • Security: Your packages are stored securely within individual lockers, accessible only with a unique code, ensuring maximum protection from theft or damage.
  • Environmental friendliness: By reducing the number of delivery attempts and the associated traffic congestion, GLS Paketomati contributes to a greener and more sustainable delivery process.

Advantages of Using GLS Paketomati

GLS Paketomati stands out as a convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly delivery solution. Let’s delve deeper into its key advantages:


  • 24/7 accessibility: Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can collect your package whenever it’s most convenient for you, thanks to the round-the-clock availability of Paketomati.
  • No need to wait: Forget about waiting at home for the courier or having to reschedule deliveries. GLS Paketomati gives you the freedom to collect your package on your own terms.
  • Extensive network: GLS Paketomati boasts a wide network of locations, ensuring you can find one close to your home, workplace, or other frequented spots, maximizing accessibility and ease of use.
  • User-friendly interface: Navigating the touch screen interface and accessing your package is a breeze, with clear instructions and simple steps.


  • Individual lockers: Each package is securely stored within its own individual locker, ensuring no unauthorized access.
  • Unique code access: Only the recipient with the unique code generated by GLS can access the locker containing their package.
  • CCTV monitoring: For added security, GLS Paketomati locations are equipped with CCTV cameras, providing an extra layer of protection.


  • Faster delivery: By reducing delivery attempts and minimizing the need for multiple delivery trips, GLS Paketomati facilitates faster delivery times, getting your package to you quicker.
  • Swift collection: The notification system alerts you promptly when your package arrives, allowing you to collect it without delay.


  • Reduced delivery fees: In many cases, using Paketomati can be more cost-effective than traditional home delivery, potentially saving you money on delivery fees.
  • No re-delivery fees: Eliminate the need for costly re-delivery attempts due to missed deliveries, as you can collect your package at your convenience.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduced traffic congestion: GLS Paketomati contributes to a more efficient delivery system, reducing the number of delivery vehicles on the road and minimizing traffic congestion.
  • Lower emissions: By decreasing delivery attempts, GLS Paketomati contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, supporting a more sustainable delivery model.

GLS Paketomati goes beyond simply delivering packages; it offers a holistic approach that prioritizes convenience, security, efficiency, and sustainability, making it a valuable solution for individuals and businesses in the Baltic States.

Using GLS Paketomati: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating the GLS Paketomati system is straightforward and user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the most of this convenient service:

  1. Selecting Paketomati:
    • Online map: Locate a GLS Paketomati near you by utilizing the online map provided on the GLS website or app.
    • Availability and size: Check the availability of lockers and their size before selecting a location. Ensure the locker you choose is suitable for your package dimensions.
  2. Ordering delivery to Paketomati:
    • Specify location: During the checkout process for your online purchase, select “GLS Paketomati” as your delivery address and choose the desired Paketomati location.
    • Confirmation: Confirm your delivery details, including the selected Paketomati location, and receive a confirmation email with tracking information.
  3. Receiving notification and collecting package:
    • Notification: You will receive an SMS or email notification when your package arrives at the selected Paketomati.
    • Unique code: The notification will include a unique code needed to access the locker containing your package.
  4. Opening the locker:
    • Code entry: Upon reaching the Paketomati, enter the unique code provided in the notification on the touch screen panel.
    • Locker access: The designated locker containing your package will open automatically.
    • Package collection: Retrieve your package from the locker and ensure you close the locker securely after collecting your package.

By following these simple steps, you can seamlessly utilize GLS Paketomati to receive your packages conveniently and securely.

FAQ Section

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about GLS Paketomati:

What types of packages can I send or receive?
GLS Paketomati is suitable for a wide range of packages, including parcels, documents, and small items.

What are the dimensions and weight limits for packages?
The dimensions and weight limits for packages vary depending on the locker size. You can find this information on the GLS website or app.

How do I find a Paketomati near me?
You can use the interactive map on the GLS website or app to locate a Paketomati near your desired location.

Is there a fee for using Paketomati?
There may be a small fee for using GLS Paketomati, which is usually included in the overall delivery cost. The specific fees vary depending on the chosen delivery service and package size.

What happens if I miss my delivery window?
If you miss the delivery window for your package, you will receive a notification with instructions on how to reschedule the delivery or collect it at a later time.

What if my package doesn’t fit in the locker?
If your package is too large or heavy for the selected locker, you will be notified and given alternative options, such as delivery to a different Paketomati location or home delivery.

Can I track my package status?
Yes, you can track the status of your package online or via the GLS app.

How do I report any issues or concerns?
If you encounter any issues or concerns regarding your package or the Paketomati service, you can contact GLS customer support for assistance.


GLS Paketomati has emerged as a convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly delivery solution in the Baltic States. With its 24/7 accessibility, extensive network of locations, and user-friendly interface, it provides a hassle-free way to receive and send packages.

As e-commerce continues to flourish in the region, GLS Paketomati is poised to play an even more prominent role in shaping the future of delivery services. We encourage you to try out GLS Paketomati for your next online purchase or delivery, experience its benefits firsthand, and simplify your delivery experience.