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GLS WooCommerce Integration: Streamlining your Online Store Shipping


Imagine this: You’ve meticulously built your online store, showcasing beautiful products and crafting compelling descriptions. Customers are browsing, adding items to their carts, and eagerly awaiting the moment they can finally hold those products in their hands. But there’s one crucial element missing – a smooth, reliable, and cost-effective shipping solution.

Many WooCommerce store owners struggle with this very challenge, often relying on basic shipping options that can be limiting and inefficient. They face difficulties in calculating accurate shipping rates, generating labels, and tracking shipments, ultimately leading to frustrated customers and lost sales.

The solution? Integrating with a reputable shipping provider like GLS, a leading force in European logistics. GLS WooCommerce integration offers a powerful way to streamline your shipping processes, optimize costs, and enhance the overall customer experience. With its extensive network coverage, competitive rates, and user-friendly features, GLS empowers you to take control of your shipping operations and drive business growth.

This blog post is designed to guide you through the process of integrating GLS with your WooCommerce store, empowering you to unlock a world of shipping efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Table of Contents

Understanding GLS WooCommerce Integration

What is GLS?

GLS is a leading parcel delivery network, renowned for its reliable and efficient service across Europe. With a vast network spanning 40 countries, GLS offers a range of shipping solutions tailored to various business needs. They pride themselves on their commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring timely and secure delivery of parcels.

How GLS Integration Works

GLS WooCommerce integration seamlessly connects your online store with the GLS shipping platform, automating key shipping processes for a streamlined experience. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • Real-Time Shipping Rate Calculation: When a customer enters their shipping address at checkout, the integration automatically retrieves shipping rates from GLS, providing accurate and up-to-date pricing for various services.
  • Automated Label Generation: Once an order is placed, the integration generates shipping labels directly within your WooCommerce dashboard, eliminating the need for manual label creation and saving valuable time.
  • Tracking Integration: GLS tracking functionality is integrated with your WooCommerce orders, allowing customers to easily track the progress of their shipments through a dedicated tracking link. This transparency enhances customer satisfaction and builds trust.

Key Features

GLS WooCommerce integration is packed with features designed to simplify and enhance your shipping operations:

  • Multiple Shipping Services: Choose from a variety of GLS shipping options, including standard delivery, express delivery, and specialized services like fragile handling, ensuring you can offer the best solution for each customer’s needs.
  • Customizable Rates: Configure shipping rates based on weight, destination, and other factors, enabling you to optimize pricing for specific products and regions.
  • Returns Management: The integration supports easy management of returns, allowing you to generate return labels and track the return process through WooCommerce.
  • Pickup Scheduling: Schedule convenient pickups for your shipments through the GLS platform, simplifying the process of getting packages ready for delivery.

Step-by-Step Guide to GLS WooCommerce Integration

Now that you have a better understanding of how GLS integration works, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of setting it up for your WooCommerce store.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • GLS Account: Sign up for a GLS account if you don’t already have one. You’ll need a GLS customer number and API key for integration.
  • WooCommerce Store: Have your WooCommerce store up and running, with a plugin installed to facilitate the integration.

Step 2: Installing and Configuring the Plugin

  • Choose a Plugin: Search for and install the GLS WooCommerce integration plugin from the WooCommerce marketplace.
  • Activate the Plugin: Once installed, activate the plugin to enable its functionalities.
  • Plugin Settings: Navigate to the plugin settings within your WooCommerce dashboard to begin configuring the integration.

Step 3: Connecting Your GLS Account

  • API Key Configuration: In the plugin settings, enter your GLS customer number and API key, obtained from your GLS account.
  • Authentication: The plugin will authenticate your GLS account, establishing a secure connection between your WooCommerce store and the GLS shipping platform.

Step 4: Configuring Shipping Zones and Rates

  • Define Shipping Zones: Set up shipping zones within WooCommerce based on geographical regions, allowing you to specify different shipping rates for different areas.
  • Assign GLS Services: For each shipping zone, choose from the available GLS shipping services, such as standard, express, or specialized options.
  • Customize Rates: Set up customized shipping rates for each service based on weight, destination, and other factors. You can adjust these rates to reflect your profit margins and market demands.

Step 5: Setting Up Automated Label Generation

  • Enable Auto-Label Generation: In the plugin settings, enable the option for automatic label generation.
  • Label Settings: Configure label settings, such as label size, format, and printer preferences.
  • Label Printing: Once an order is placed, the integration will automatically generate and print shipping labels, saving you time and effort.

Step 6: Integrating Tracking Information

  • Enable Tracking Functionality: Enable the tracking integration within the plugin settings.
  • Track Order Status: When an order is shipped, the GLS tracking information will be automatically integrated into the WooCommerce order details.
  • Customer Tracking Link: A unique tracking link will be generated for each shipment, allowing customers to track their orders directly from their WooCommerce account or through an email notification.

Benefits of Using GLS WooCommerce Integration

Integrating GLS with your WooCommerce store offers numerous benefits, helping you optimize your shipping processes, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Improved Shipping Efficiency

  • Time Savings: Automating label generation and tracking eliminates manual processes, freeing up your time for other tasks.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The integration seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce order management system, creating a smooth and efficient workflow.

Cost Optimization

  • Competitive Rates: Benefit from GLS’s competitive shipping rates, potentially saving you money on each shipment.
  • Optimized Shipping Options: Choose the most cost-effective shipping service for each order, reducing unnecessary expenses.

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Faster Delivery: Leverage GLS’s extensive network to ensure fast and reliable delivery, leading to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Accurate Tracking: Provide customers with real-time tracking updates, keeping them informed about their shipment’s status.
  • Convenient Shipping Options: Offer a variety of shipping options to meet individual customer needs, providing greater flexibility and choice.

Increased Sales

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: A smooth and efficient shipping experience translates to happier customers who are more likely to make repeat purchases.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Clear and transparent shipping information can increase customer confidence and encourage more conversions.
  • Positive Brand Perception: A reliable and efficient shipping process contributes to a positive brand image and builds trust with customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What shipping services does GLS offer through WooCommerce?

A: GLS offers a wide range of shipping services through WooCommerce integration, including:

  • Standard Delivery: A cost-effective option for routine deliveries.
  • Express Delivery: For faster delivery times, ideal for urgent shipments.
  • Fragile Handling: Specialized service for delicate or fragile items, ensuring careful handling during transport.
  • Pallet Shipping: For larger shipments requiring pallets, GLS provides secure and efficient pallet delivery services.

Q: How do I manage returns with GLS integration?

A: GLS integration simplifies returns management through these steps:

  • Generate Return Label: Within the WooCommerce order details, generate a return label for the customer.
  • Track Return Shipment: The GLS tracking system will update you on the return shipment’s progress.
  • Order Status Updates: The integration will automatically update the WooCommerce order status to reflect the returned shipment.

Q: What are the costs associated with using GLS integration?

A: GLS offers competitive shipping rates, varying based on factors such as weight, destination, and chosen service. Additional fees may apply for services like fragile handling or insurance. Contact GLS directly for detailed pricing information.

Q: Is GLS WooCommerce integration compatible with all themes and plugins?

A: While GLS integration is designed to be compatible with most themes and plugins, it’s always best to check with the plugin developer or GLS support for specific compatibility information.

Q: Where can I find support for GLS WooCommerce integration?

A: You can find comprehensive support resources on the GLS website, including:

  • Online Documentation: Access detailed documentation with step-by-step guides and troubleshooting tips.
  • Customer Support: Reach out to GLS customer support through their website or phone for assistance with any integration-related issues.


GLS WooCommerce integration empowers your online store to achieve a new level of shipping efficiency and customer satisfaction. By streamlining your shipping processes, optimizing costs, and enhancing the overall customer experience, GLS helps you unlock greater business growth and a stronger online presence.

Don’t let shipping be a bottleneck for your success. Embrace the power of GLS integration and transform your online store into a seamless shipping powerhouse.