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From Printouts to Packages: Understanding Kinko’s and FedEx Office

Imagine this: You need to print a presentation for a crucial meeting tomorrow, but your printer decides to take a vacation. You also need to ship a birthday gift across the country, and you’re not sure where to start. Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are confused about the services offered by Kinko’s and FedEx Office, especially since they’re now under the same umbrella. This blog post will clear the air by providing a detailed breakdown of both Kinko’s and FedEx Office, exploring their offerings, pricing, and what makes each stand out.

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Kinko’s: A Legacy of Convenience

Kinko’s has been a household name for decades, known as a pioneer in self-service printing and copying. Before the rise of home printers, Kinko’s provided a convenient way for individuals and businesses to access high-quality printing and copying services. While the original Kinko’s brand has been absorbed into FedEx Office, its legacy of convenience continues to resonate.

Services Offered by Kinko’s/FedEx Office

Whether you’re printing a school assignment, creating marketing materials, or sending a professional document, Kinko’s/FedEx Office has you covered. Here’s a breakdown of their core services:

  • Printing:
    • Black and white, color, and large format prints.
    • Photo printing, posters, and presentations.
    • High-quality printing options for professional documents.
  • Copying:
    • Single-sided and double-sided copies.
    • Collated copies for organized documents.
  • Scanning:
    • Document scanning, photo scanning, and scanning to various formats.
    • Convenient for archiving, sharing, and converting documents.
  • Faxing:
    • Sending and receiving faxes, including international faxing.
    • A reliable option for transmitting important documents quickly.
  • Other Services:
    • Binding, laminating, and finishing options.
    • Computer rentals, internet access, and meeting room rentals.

Advantages of Using Kinko’s/FedEx Office

  • Convenient Locations: Kinko’s/FedEx Office locations are often found in busy shopping areas, making them easy to access.
  • Extensive Opening Hours: Many locations are open late and on weekends, providing flexibility for busy schedules.
  • All-in-One Service: You can find a wide range of services under one roof, making it a one-stop shop for your printing and document needs.
  • Experienced Staff: Kinko’s/FedEx Office staff are known for their expertise and helpfulness, providing guidance and support for your projects.

FedEx Office: Shipping & More

While Kinko’s brought convenience to printing and copying, FedEx Office is synonymous with shipping and logistics. Leveraging the strength of the FedEx global network, FedEx Office offers a comprehensive suite of shipping and business solutions.

Shipping Services

FedEx Office is your go-to for both domestic and international shipping needs.

  • Domestic and International Shipping:
    • Ground shipping: A budget-friendly option for non-urgent shipments.
    • Express shipping: Faster delivery for time-sensitive items.
    • Overnight shipping: Same-day or next-day delivery for urgent packages.
    • FedEx Office handles packages of various sizes and weights.
  • Packaging and Supplies:
    • Boxes, packing materials, and shipping labels are readily available.
    • Ensure your packages are properly protected for safe and secure delivery.
  • Freight Forwarding:
    • FedEx Office offers solutions for larger shipments and complex logistics needs.

Other Services

Beyond shipping, FedEx Office also offers:

  • Printing, Copying, and Scanning: These services, previously the core of Kinko’s, are still available at FedEx Office.
  • Business Solutions:
    • Marketing materials, business cards, and custom signage.
    • Professional design and printing services for businesses.

Advantages of Using FedEx Office

  • FedEx Network: Benefit from the reliability and speed of FedEx’s vast global shipping network.
  • Business Focus: FedEx Office provides specialized services tailored to the needs of businesses and individuals.
  • Convenient Online Tools: FedEx Office offers online shipping tools and tracking, making it easy to manage your shipments.

Comparing Kinko’s and FedEx Office: Key Differences

While both Kinko’s and FedEx Office are now under the same umbrella, they have distinct focuses and cater to different needs.

  • Focus:
    • Kinko’s/FedEx Office: Focus on printing, copying, and document services.
    • FedEx Office: Emphasize shipping, logistics, and business solutions.
  • Pricing:
    • FedEx Office generally has higher prices, reflecting its focus on shipping services.
    • Pricing can vary based on location and the specific services used.
  • Services:
    • Kinko’s/FedEx Office offers a wider range of printing and document services.
    • FedEx Office provides more specialized shipping and business solutions.
  • Overall Experience:
    • Both offer a convenient and professional experience, with knowledgeable staff and a wide range of services.


Q: Are Kinko’s and FedEx Office the same company?

A: Kinko’s was acquired by FedEx in 2004 and is now known as FedEx Office. They operate under the same umbrella, but their focus has shifted towards shipping and business solutions.

Q: What is the cheapest way to ship a package using FedEx Office?

A: Ground shipping is typically the most affordable option for standard delivery. Express shipping is faster but more expensive.

Q: Can I print from my phone at FedEx Office?

A: Yes, they offer mobile printing services, making it easy to print documents directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Q: Where can I find a Kinko’s/FedEx Office near me?

A: You can use their website or app to find the nearest location, complete with opening hours and service details.

Q: What are the payment options available at Kinko’s/FedEx Office?

A: They typically accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards.


Whether you need a quick printout, a professional document binding, or a reliable way to ship a package, both Kinko’s and FedEx Office offer a range of services to meet your needs.

  • If your primary focus is on printing, copying, and document services, Kinko’s/FedEx Office provides a convenient and affordable solution.
  • If you require shipping services, specialized business solutions, or access to FedEx’s global network, FedEx Office is the preferred choice.

Ultimately, the best option depends on your individual needs, budget, and priorities. Visit their respective websites or contact your local store to learn more about their specific offerings and pricing.