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Shipping from France to the USA: A Comprehensive Guide to La Poste Services


In today’s interconnected world, sending packages across borders is more common than ever. Whether you’re a business owner exporting products or an individual sending gifts to loved ones, understanding the available shipping options is essential. France, with its rich culture and diverse exports, frequently sees packages heading towards the United States. La Poste, the French national postal service, plays a crucial role in facilitating this international trade and personal exchanges.

This comprehensive guide will explore the various shipping options La Poste offers for sending packages from France to the USA, providing insights into their costs, delivery times, and tracking capabilities. By the end of this blog post, you’ll have the knowledge to choose the most suitable La Poste service for your needs and ensure your shipments arrive safely and efficiently.

Table of Contents:

La Poste Shipping Options for the USA

La Poste provides a variety of services catering to different shipping needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular options for sending packages from France to the USA:

1. Colissimo International:

Colissimo International is La Poste’s standard international shipping service, offering a balance of affordability and reliability. It’s a good choice for a wide range of packages, including personal items, gifts, and some business goods. Here’s what makes Colissimo International attractive:

  • Delivery Time: Expect delivery within 5-10 business days, depending on the destination in the USA.
  • Tracking: You can track your package’s progress online through La Poste’s website, providing peace of mind about its location.
  • Insurance: La Poste offers optional insurance for added protection against loss or damage during transit. This is particularly important for valuable items.
  • Restrictions: While Colissimo International is versatile, it has limitations on weight and dimensions. Check the official La Poste website for specific restrictions on the size and weight of packages.

2. Chronopost International:

If time is of the essence, Chronopost International is La Poste’s express delivery service. It’s designed for urgent shipments that need to arrive quickly.

  • Express Delivery: Chronopost International boasts delivery times as fast as 1-2 business days, making it ideal for time-sensitive items.
  • Pricing: While Chronopost International offers faster delivery, it comes at a higher price than Colissimo.
  • Tracking: Comprehensive online tracking is available, allowing you to monitor your package’s journey in real-time.
  • Benefits: For businesses or individuals needing to send urgent documents, samples, or important items, Chronopost International’s speed can be a significant advantage.

3. La Poste International Letter:

For lighter and less urgent items, La Poste International Letter offers an economical shipping option.

  • Affordability: This service is particularly cost-effective for sending letters, postcards, and small, lightweight items.
  • Delivery Time: Delivery times for International Letters vary but typically range from 7 to 15 business days.
  • Limitations: International Letters have limitations on size and weight. Refer to La Poste’s website for specific guidelines.
  • Tracking: While tracking isn’t standard for International Letters, you can opt for a “registered letter” service, which includes tracking and insurance.

4. Other Specialized Options:

Beyond these core services, La Poste offers specialized options for specific types of shipments, including:

  • Packages requiring customs clearance: La Poste provides guidance on completing necessary customs documentation for smooth import to the USA.
  • Fragile items: La Poste offers packaging and shipping services tailored to protect fragile items during transit.

For more detailed information on these specialized services, visit La Poste’s official website.

Calculating Shipping Costs and Fees

Understanding the factors that determine shipping costs is essential for budgeting and planning your shipments. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements influencing the cost of sending a package from France to the USA via La Poste:

  • Weight and Dimensions: The weight and size of your package are the most significant factors influencing the shipping cost. Larger and heavier packages naturally incur higher fees.
  • Destination Zip Code: Shipping costs can vary depending on the destination zip code within the USA. Some areas may have higher delivery costs due to distance or other factors.
  • Chosen Shipping Service: The specific La Poste service you select – Colissimo International, Chronopost International, or La Poste International Letter – will have its own pricing structure.
  • Additional Services: Optional services like insurance, signature confirmation, or expedited delivery will add to the total cost.

Estimating Costs:

La Poste makes it easy to estimate shipping costs before sending your package. You can use their online calculator by visiting their website.

Simply input the following information:

  • Origin: Enter the departure city or zip code in France.
  • Destination: Enter the destination city or zip code in the USA.
  • Package Dimensions: Provide the length, width, and height of your package in centimeters.
  • Weight: Specify the weight of your package in kilograms.

The calculator will provide an estimated cost for the chosen La Poste service, taking into account the specified factors.

Additional Fees:

Beyond the base shipping cost, you might encounter additional fees related to customs duties and taxes.

  • Customs Duties: The USA may impose import duties on certain goods, depending on their nature and value. These duties are typically calculated as a percentage of the item’s value.
  • Taxes: The USA may also apply taxes, such as value-added tax (VAT), on imported goods.

To avoid or minimize these fees, familiarize yourself with the customs regulations and import duties applicable to the specific items you’re shipping. You can find detailed information on the US Customs and Border Protection website.

It’s always wise to check with La Poste’s customer service or consult with a customs broker for specific guidance on import requirements and potential fees.

Tracking Your La Poste Shipment

Once you’ve shipped your package, you’ll want to stay informed about its progress. La Poste offers a convenient online tracking system to keep you updated every step of the way.

Tracking Number:

After dropping off your package, you’ll receive a tracking number. This unique identifier allows you to track your shipment’s location.

Online Tracking:

Visit La Poste’s website and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the tracking number: Locate the tracking number you received after shipping.
  2. Click on the “Track” button: This will initiate the tracking process.
  3. View tracking updates: La Poste’s system provides real-time updates on your package’s location and status, including:
    • Departure from France
    • Arrival in the USA
    • Package delivery to the recipient

Tracking Updates:

As your package progresses through the shipping process, you’ll receive updates indicating its location and any changes in status. Typical updates include:

  • “Package collected”
  • “Package in transit”
  • “Package cleared customs”
  • “Package delivered”

Contacting La Poste:

If you have questions or concerns about your shipment’s tracking, you can contact La Poste’s customer service for assistance. La Poste provides several contact options, including:

  • Phone: Call La Poste’s customer service hotline.
  • Email: Send an email to La Poste’s customer service address.

Tips for Shipping with La Poste to the USA

Following these tips will help you ensure your packages are prepared properly for international shipping and arrive safely and efficiently:

1. Package Preparation:

  • Packaging: Use sturdy and durable packaging materials to protect your items during transit. Consider using a box that is slightly larger than your items to allow for cushioning.
  • Weight Limits: Be aware of La Poste’s weight limits for each service. Exceeding the weight limit may result in additional fees or refusal of shipment.
  • Protection: Add padding or cushioning materials, such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts, to prevent damage to fragile items.

2. Addressing and Labeling:

  • Clarity: Write the recipient’s address clearly and legibly, ensuring it includes the full name, street address, city, state, and zip code.
  • Bilingual: Include both the French and English versions of the recipient’s address for easier identification.
  • Labeling: Attach a clear and visible shipping label to the package, including the tracking number.

3. Customs Declarations:

  • Accuracy: Complete the customs declaration form accurately, providing details about the contents, value, and origin of your shipment.
  • Prohibited Items: Be aware of prohibited items that are not allowed to be shipped to the USA, such as illegal substances, firearms, and certain hazardous materials.

4. Shipping Insurance:

  • Value: For valuable or fragile items, consider purchasing shipping insurance to protect against loss or damage.
  • Protection: Insurance provides compensation for lost or damaged items up to the declared value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about shipping from France to the USA via La Poste:

  • What are the typical delivery times for shipments from France to the USA? Delivery times vary depending on the chosen service. Colissimo International typically takes 5-10 business days, while Chronopost International offers express delivery within 1-2 business days. La Poste International Letter deliveries can range from 7 to 15 business days.
  • How can I determine if my shipment requires customs duties or taxes? The USA may impose import duties and taxes on certain goods depending on their nature and value. Check the US Customs and Border Protection website for detailed information and consult with La Poste’s customer service or a customs broker for specific guidance.
  • What is the maximum weight and size for packages shipped via La Poste to the USA? Weight and size limits vary depending on the chosen La Poste service. Refer to La Poste’s website for specific guidelines for each service.
  • Is it possible to ship prohibited items to the USA via La Poste? No, it is not possible to ship prohibited items to the USA via La Poste. This includes items like illegal substances, firearms, and certain hazardous materials. Refer to La Poste’s website for a complete list of prohibited items.
  • What happens if my package is lost or damaged during transit? If your package is lost or damaged, La Poste’s insurance (if purchased) will provide compensation for the loss or damage up to the declared value. Contact La Poste’s customer service immediately to report the incident.
  • Can I track my La Poste shipment in English? Yes, La Poste’s online tracking system is available in English.


Shipping from France to the USA via La Poste is a convenient and reliable option for individuals and businesses alike. By understanding the available services, costs, and tracking capabilities, you can choose the most suitable solution for your needs.

Remember to prepare your packages carefully, complete customs declarations accurately, and consider purchasing insurance for valuable items. With La Poste’s comprehensive services and clear communication, you can confidently send packages from France to the USA, knowing they will arrive safely and efficiently.