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Tracking Your La Poste Package When It’s Handled by USPS: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the world of international shipping can be tricky, especially when your package involves multiple carriers. Trying to track a package across different delivery services can be a frustrating experience. But don’t worry! This comprehensive guide will provide you with a step-by-step process to track your La Poste package that’s being delivered through USPS, ensuring you can stay informed throughout its journey.

Table of Contents

Understanding the Process: La Poste and USPS Collaboration

When you ship a package from France using La Poste and it needs to be delivered to the United States, it often involves a collaboration between La Poste and USPS. La Poste handles the initial transport of the package within France, then it’s passed onto USPS for final delivery.

This process typically involves La Poste’s “International Priority Mail” service, which is designed for efficient cross-border shipments. Once your package reaches the United States, USPS takes over and handles the delivery to its final destination.

The key point to understand is that there is a handover between the two carriers. Tracking information will update as your package transitions between La Poste and USPS, so you might see a slight delay in updates while the package is being transferred.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking

Follow these steps to track your La Poste package efficiently:

Step 1: Obtaining Your La Poste Tracking Number

Your tracking number is essential for tracking your package’s progress. You can find it in a few ways:

  • La Poste Website: If you created your shipping label online, you can find the tracking number on the La Poste website in your account’s shipping history.
  • Shipping Confirmation Email: La Poste sends you a shipping confirmation email after your package is picked up. The email typically includes the tracking number.

Step 2: Using the La Poste Tracking Service

Once you have your tracking number, you can access La Poste’s tracking service:

  1. Go to the La Poste website.
  2. Locate the tracking section (usually found under “Track your package” or “Parcel tracking”).
  3. Enter your tracking number in the designated field.
  4. Click “Track” or “Search.”

Step 3: Understanding La Poste Tracking Updates

La Poste’s tracking page provides real-time updates on your package’s journey. Here are some common status updates you might see:

  • “Pick up” or “Package picked up”: The package has been picked up from the sender.
  • “In transit”: The package is currently being transported within France.
  • “Departure from France”: The package has left France and is en route to the United States.

Step 4: Tracking Your Package with USPS

Once your package arrives in the United States, USPS takes over. To track your package using USPS’s tracking service:

  1. Go to the USPS website.
  2. Locate the tracking section.
  3. Enter your La Poste tracking number in the designated field.
  4. Click “Track.”

Step 5: Understanding USPS Tracking Updates

USPS provides updates on your package’s progress within the United States. Here are some common status updates:

  • “Arrived at USPS Facility”: Your package has arrived at a USPS facility for processing.
  • “Out for Delivery”: Your package is currently being delivered to your address.
  • “Delivered”: Your package has been successfully delivered to your address.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • Time Lags: There may be a delay in tracking information updates between La Poste and USPS, particularly during the international transfer.
  • Missing Tracking Information: If you can’t find tracking information on either website, try the following:
    • Double-check the accuracy of your tracking number.
    • Allow some time for the tracking information to update.
    • Contact La Poste or USPS customer support for assistance.
  • Contacting Customer Support: You can reach out to La Poste or USPS customer support for help with tracking issues. You can find their contact information on their respective websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my La Poste package is stuck in transit?
    • International shipments can sometimes encounter delays due to customs inspections, weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances. Check the tracking updates for any additional information about possible delays. If the delay persists, consider contacting La Poste or USPS customer support for assistance.
  • How long does it take for a La Poste package to be delivered through USPS?
    • Delivery times vary based on the package’s origin in France, its destination in the United States, and the specific shipping service used. Typically, packages shipped through La Poste’s International Priority Mail service can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days for delivery. However, factors like holidays, weekends, and customs clearance may influence delivery timelines.
  • Is it possible to redirect my La Poste package to a different address?
    • It might be possible to redirect your package if it’s still within France. You can try contacting La Poste customer support and providing them with the new address. However, redirecting packages once they’ve been shipped to the United States might not be possible, depending on the stage of delivery.
  • Can I track my package in real-time?
    • Real-time tracking might not be available for all stages of your package’s journey. Tracking updates are typically provided at key points in the shipping process, such as when the package is picked up, when it arrives at a USPS facility, and when it’s out for delivery.
  • What if my La Poste package is damaged or lost?
    • If you believe your package has been damaged or lost, you can file a claim with La Poste or USPS. Be sure to retain all documentation, including your tracking information and any confirmation emails, to support your claim.


Tracking your La Poste package delivered through USPS can be simple and efficient with the right information and steps. By following the guide outlined above, you can stay informed about your package’s journey and address any potential issues with ease. Remember, patience is key when dealing with international shipping, and a little extra time might be needed for information updates and potential delays.