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Lost Your Canada Post Tracking Number? Here’s What to Do

Have you ever eagerly awaited a package, only to realize you’ve lost the precious tracking number? It’s a frustrating experience, leaving you in the dark about your package’s whereabouts. But fear not! You’re not alone, and there are several steps you can take to recover your lost tracking number and regain peace of mind.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through each step, from checking your email to contacting Canada Post directly. By following these simple tips, you’ll be back on track to tracking your package in no time.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Step 1: Check Your Order Confirmation
  3. Step 2: Contact the Retailer
  4. Step 3: Check Your Payment History
  5. Step 4: Search Your Email
  6. Step 5: Contact Canada Post Directly
  7. Step 6: Check the Shipping Label
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ Section


Losing a tracking number can be incredibly frustrating. It’s like losing the key to unlocking the status of your precious package! It’s crucial to have that tracking number so you can monitor your package’s journey, know when to expect it, and potentially even prevent any delivery issues. Thankfully, there are several strategies you can employ to recover your lost tracking number and regain control over your package’s fate.

Let’s dive in and explore these strategies step-by-step.

Step 1: Check Your Order Confirmation

The most obvious place to start your search is your order confirmation email. This email is a treasure trove of information, often including the tracking number right in the body of the message.

Here’s how to locate that elusive order confirmation email:

  1. Check your inbox: Start by browsing your inbox, particularly emails received around the time you placed your order.
  2. Check your spam folder: Sometimes these important emails end up in the spam folder, so be sure to check there as well.
  3. Check your promotions tab: If you receive a lot of marketing emails, your order confirmation might have ended up in your promotions tab.
  4. Use search terms: If you’re still drawing a blank, try searching your email inbox for keywords related to the order. For example, search for “Canada Post,” the retailer’s name, or the order number.

Step 2: Contact the Retailer

If your order confirmation email is nowhere to be found, the next logical step is to contact the retailer where you made the purchase. They often keep records of tracking numbers, and they’ll likely be happy to help you locate yours.

Here’s how to contact your retailer:

  1. Contact customer service: Look for a customer service phone number or email address on the retailer’s website.
  2. Check their website: Many retailers have a tracking portal where you can enter your order number to retrieve your tracking details.
  3. Be prepared: When contacting the retailer, have your order number or confirmation email handy for verification.

Step 3: Check Your Payment History

Sometimes, the tracking number might be tucked away in your payment history. Online payment platforms like PayPal or your credit card statements often include this information.

Here’s how to check your payment history:

  1. Log in to your online accounts: Check your PayPal account, credit card statements, or any other payment platform you used for the purchase.
  2. Search for the transaction: Look for the transaction related to your order and see if the tracking number is included in the details.

Step 4: Search Your Email

If you’re still on the hunt for that elusive tracking number, consider expanding your search beyond your inbox. You might have forwarded the confirmation email to another address or saved it in a specific folder.

Here’s how to conduct a more thorough email search:

  1. Check your sent items: Look through your sent items for any emails related to your order.
  2. Search specific folders: Check any folders you might have created for specific purposes, like “Orders” or “Important Emails.”
  3. Use search terms: To make the process faster, use specific search terms like “Canada Post,” the retailer’s name, or the order number.

Step 5: Contact Canada Post Directly

If you’ve exhausted all the above steps, your final resort is to reach out to Canada Post directly. They have a dedicated customer service line specifically for tracking issues, and they can often help you locate your missing tracking number.

Here’s how to contact Canada Post:

  1. Call their customer service line: Find the contact number on Canada Post’s website or search online for “Canada Post customer service phone number.”
  2. Be prepared with order details: When you call, have your order details ready, including the sender’s and recipient’s information.
  3. Provide as much information as possible: To help them assist you effectively, be ready to provide as much information as you can about your order, such as the estimated delivery date, the retailer’s name, or any other relevant details.

Step 6: Check the Shipping Label

If you still haven’t found your tracking number and the package is still in your possession, there’s one final place to check: the shipping label. The tracking number is usually printed on the shipping label itself.

Here’s how to locate the shipping label:

  1. Check the package: The shipping label is usually adhered to the exterior of the package.
  2. Check for a packing slip: Sometimes, the packing slip included inside the package also includes the tracking number.
  3. Inspect the label carefully: If the label is damaged or partially obscured, you might need to inspect it closely to find the tracking number.


Losing your Canada Post tracking number can be a stressful situation, but don’t despair! By following the steps outlined above, you can recover your tracking number and regain peace of mind about your package’s journey.

Remember to stay organized with your order confirmations and keep track of all the details of your online purchases. By doing so, you can avoid similar situations in the future and enjoy a smoother, more stress-free shipping experience.

FAQ Section

Here are some common questions about lost Canada Post tracking numbers:

Q: What if I still can’t find my tracking number?

A: If you’ve exhausted all the above steps and are still unable to locate your tracking number, consider filing a missing item claim with Canada Post or the retailer.

Q: What if the tracking number is invalid?

A: If the tracking number you have is invalid, it might mean the package hasn’t been scanned into the system yet. Check back later or contact Canada Post for assistance. They can help you track down the package and provide updates on its status.

Q: What if I’m worried about my package’s security?

A: If you have concerns about the security of your package, don’t hesitate to contact Canada Post immediately. They have security measures in place and can investigate any suspicious activity.

Q: What if I need to track a package sent by someone else?

A: If you need to track a package sent by someone else, you will need the tracking number from the sender. Ask the sender for the tracking number to monitor its progress.

Q: What if I can’t remember the retailer’s name?

A: Try checking your credit card statement or bank transactions for clues. The name of the retailer might be listed in the transaction details. You can also try searching your email inbox or online browsing history for clues.

By following these tips and resources, you can confidently navigate the world of package tracking and stay informed about your valuable shipments. Happy tracking!