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Moving Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to USPS Change of Address

Moving to a new home is an exciting time, filled with anticipation for new experiences and memories. However, amidst the packing and unpacking, it’s crucial to ensure a smooth transition of your mail. Filing a USPS Change of Address is a simple and essential step that guarantees your important documents, bills, and correspondence arrive at your new location without any hiccups. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a seamless transition for your mail during your move.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Filing a Change of Address
    • 1. Gather Your Information
    • 2. Choose Your Filing Method
      • Online
      • By Mail
      • In Person
    • 3. Understanding the Change of Address Duration
    • 4. Tracking Your Change of Address
    • 5. Additional Considerations
  • FAQ Section
  • Conclusion


Filing a USPS Change of Address is a crucial step in any move, ensuring your mail is efficiently redirected to your new home. It eliminates the risk of lost mail, missed bills, and delayed important documents, guaranteeing a smooth transition. The process itself is straightforward and user-friendly, requiring minimal effort and time. By dedicating a few minutes to completing a change of address request, you can ensure uninterrupted mail delivery and peace of mind during your move.

Step-by-Step Guide to Filing a Change of Address

Follow these simple steps to ensure your mail finds its way to your new address:

1. Gather Your Information

Before you begin, ensure you have the following information readily available:

  • Full name: Include your complete legal name, as it appears on your current mail.
  • Old address: Your current mailing address, including the street number, street name, city, state, and zip code.
  • New address: The complete address of your new residence, including street number, street name, city, state, and zip code.
  • Move date: The official date you moved or will move to your new address.
  • Email address: (optional) This helps USPS contact you with updates or additional information.
  • Phone number: (optional) Provides an alternative way for USPS to reach you.

Accuracy is crucial. Double-check each detail to prevent delays or incorrect mail delivery.

2. Choose Your Filing Method

You have several options for filing your change of address, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:


The most convenient and efficient method is filing your change of address online through the USPS website. This process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. You’ll need to create an account with USPS if you haven’t already, but the interface is user-friendly and guided.


  • Convenience: Access the service anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Speed: Online filings are processed quickly, typically within a few days.
  • Confirmation: Receive immediate confirmation of your request and updates on its status.


  • Requires internet access: You’ll need a computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection.

By Mail

For those without internet access or preferring a traditional approach, you can file your change of address by mail. Obtain the necessary form, “PS Form 3575,” from your local post office or download it from the USPS website. Fill out the form completely and accurately, ensuring all sections are filled in. Mail the form to the address specified on the form.


  • No internet required: Access the form without a computer or internet connection.


  • Slower processing time: Mail-in requests typically take longer to process than online submissions.
  • Potential for delays: Delays can occur due to postal service disruptions or incorrect mailing.

In Person

You can also file your change of address in person at your local post office. Obtain a change of address form and complete it accurately. The post office staff will assist you with the process and provide any necessary information.


  • Personal assistance: Post office staff can address any questions or concerns you may have.


  • Requires a trip to the post office: You’ll need to visit a local post office during their operating hours.
  • Potential wait times: You may have to wait in line to complete the process.

3. Understanding the Change of Address Duration

When filing your change of address, you can choose the duration for which you want your mail redirected. The most common duration is one year, but a shorter, temporary option is also available.

  • One Year: This option is ideal for most moves, ensuring your mail is redirected to your new address for a full year.
  • Temporary: If you’re relocating for a shorter period, a temporary change of address allows you to redirect your mail for a specific timeframe.

The duration you choose depends on your moving plans. If you plan to reside at your new address for a prolonged period, a one-year change of address is recommended.

4. Tracking Your Change of Address

After filing your change of address, it’s essential to track its progress. This ensures the request is processed efficiently and your mail is redirected without delays.

  • Online Tracking: The USPS website allows you to check the status of your change of address online. Log in to your USPS account or enter your confirmation number to access the tracking information.
  • Phone Tracking: You can also contact the USPS customer service hotline to check the status of your request. They can provide you with updates and address any queries.

The timeframe for processing a change of address request typically varies between 7-10 business days, but delays may occur depending on factors like mail volume or unforeseen circumstances.

5. Additional Considerations

While the general process for filing a change of address is straightforward, certain situations may require additional steps:

  • Business Change of Address: If you’re moving a business, you’ll need to file a business change of address with the USPS. This typically involves completing a separate form and providing additional information.
  • Change of Address for a Deceased Person: In the event of a deceased person’s move, a designated individual will need to file a change of address on their behalf. This may require providing proof of death and other documentation.
  • Change of Address for Military Members: Military personnel have a dedicated process for filing change of address notifications. The process typically involves contacting the appropriate military base or service branch to initiate the change.

For each of these situations, specific procedures and requirements may apply. It’s crucial to contact the USPS or relevant authority for accurate instructions.

FAQ Section

Q: How long does it take for the change of address to take effect?

A: The change of address typically takes effect within 7-10 business days after processing. However, delays may occur due to mail volume or other unforeseen circumstances.

Q: What happens if I don’t file a change of address?

A: If you don’t file a change of address, your mail will continue to be delivered to your old address, leading to potential lost or undelivered mail. This can disrupt important communications, financial transactions, and other essential correspondence.

Q: Can I file a change of address for another person?

A: You can file a change of address for another person if you have their written consent and authorization. You’ll need to provide their full name, old and new addresses, and move date.

Q: Can I change my address multiple times?

A: You can file multiple change of address requests. However, each request resets the duration of your change of address. If you frequently move, you’ll need to file a new change of address for each new location.

Q: What about mail forwarding services?

A: While USPS offers a free change of address service, commercial mail forwarding services provide additional features, such as mail scanning and digital forwarding. These services may be more suitable for specific needs or those who require more comprehensive mail management solutions.

Q: How do I correct an incorrect change of address?

A: If you’ve filed an incorrect change of address, you can contact USPS customer service to correct the information. They will guide you through the necessary steps to update your request.


Filing a USPS Change of Address is a simple but essential step in ensuring a smooth transition during your move. It eliminates the risk of lost mail, delays, and missed important communications, providing peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can efficiently redirect your mail to your new address and ensure uninterrupted delivery of your critical correspondence. Remember to track the status of your request and promptly contact USPS customer service if you encounter any issues. With a few minutes of effort, you can enjoy a stress-free move and focus on settling into your new home.