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PostNL International Tracking: A Complete Guide

Navigating the world of international shipping can seem daunting, but tracking your precious parcels shouldn’t be. This comprehensive guide takes you step-by-step through the ins and outs of PostNL international tracking, ensuring a smooth and informed shipping experience.

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PostNL, a leading postal and parcel delivery service provider in the Netherlands, offers a reliable network for both domestic and international shipping. With their services extending to numerous countries, sending and receiving packages across borders has become increasingly convenient.

However, with international shipping comes the need for robust tracking capabilities. Being able to monitor your shipment’s journey provides peace of mind and allows you to manage expectations regarding delivery timeframes. This guide aims to demystify PostNL international tracking, equipping you with the knowledge to track your shipments effectively.

Understanding Your PostNL International Tracking Number

Your PostNL international tracking number is your key to staying updated on your shipment’s whereabouts. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Formats: PostNL tracking numbers generally follow specific formats, often a combination of letters and numbers. Familiarizing yourself with these formats can help you quickly identify and validate your tracking number.
  • Locating Your Number: After your package is shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number through various means, including email confirmation from PostNL or the online retailer, the seller’s website, or printed on the shipping label.
  • Partner Carriers: In some instances, your PostNL international shipment might be handled by partner carriers in the destination country. Understanding if and when your package transitions to a partner carrier can prevent confusion and ensure you’re using the appropriate tracking platform.

Step-by-Step Tracking on the PostNL Website

The PostNL website provides a user-friendly platform for tracking your international shipments. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the PostNL Website: Begin by navigating to the official PostNL website.
  2. Find the Tracking Section: Look for a clearly marked “Track & Trace” or “Tracking” section on the homepage.
  3. Enter Your Tracking Number: Carefully input your unique PostNL international tracking number into the designated field.
  4. Review the Tracking Information: After submitting your tracking number, the website will display the current status and location of your shipment. You’ll likely find details about each stage of the delivery journey, including dates and times.

Pro Tip: Screenshots of the PostNL website’s tracking interface can greatly benefit visual learners.

Decoding PostNL International Tracking Statuses

As your package travels through the PostNL international network, its tracking status will be updated to reflect its progress. Here are some common statuses you might encounter:

  • Item pre-advised: This initial status indicates that the sender has electronically submitted the shipment information to PostNL, but the package hasn’t yet been physically handed over.
  • Item received at PostNL sorting center: This status signifies that PostNL has received your package at one of their sorting facilities. It marks the beginning of the processing and routing stage.
  • Arrival at destination country: This update signals that your shipment has cleared customs in the destination country and is ready for final delivery by PostNL or their designated partner carrier.

It’s important to remember that international shipping can be subject to unforeseen delays due to various factors like customs processing, weather conditions, or unforeseen logistical challenges. Patience is key, and most shipments arrive within the estimated delivery window.

Alternative Tracking Methods

While the PostNL website serves as the primary hub for tracking your international parcels, alternative methods offer additional convenience and accessibility.

  • Third-Party Tracking Websites: Numerous reputable third-party websites specialize in tracking shipments across various carriers, including PostNL. These platforms provide a consolidated view of your tracking information, particularly useful if you’re managing multiple shipments from different carriers. However, it’s essential to choose reputable websites to ensure data accuracy and privacy.

  • Mobile Applications: PostNL offers a dedicated mobile application that allows you to track your shipments directly from your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, various third-party tracking apps offer similar functionality, often with features like push notifications for status updates. Mobile apps provide a portable and convenient way to stay updated on your package’s progress.

Managing Your PostNL International Shipment

Beyond basic tracking, PostNL might offer additional options to manage your international shipments effectively.

  • Delivery Redirection: In some cases, recipients might have the option to redirect their package to a different address or schedule a pickup from a PostNL location. This flexibility can be beneficial if the initial delivery address is inaccessible or inconvenient.

  • Customs Information: International shipments often require accurate customs documentation, including detailed descriptions of the package’s contents and its value. The sender is typically responsible for providing this information, and PostNL’s website might offer guidance or tools to assist with the process.

  • Contacting Customer Support: If you encounter issues with your shipment or have questions regarding tracking information, contacting PostNL’s customer support should be your next step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if my PostNL international tracking is not updating?

Delays in tracking updates can occur for several reasons. In some cases, the package might be in transit between sorting facilities or awaiting customs clearance, during which updates might be temporarily unavailable. Additionally, occasional system glitches or website maintenance could also contribute to delayed updates.

However, if your PostNL international tracking remains stagnant for an unusually long period, it’s worth reaching out to PostNL customer support for clarification.

How long does PostNL international shipping take?

Delivery times for PostNL international shipments vary depending on the origin, destination, chosen shipping method, and potential customs processing times. Typically, you can anticipate delivery within a specific window:

  • Europe: Shipments within Europe generally arrive within 2-5 business days.
  • Rest of the World: Deliveries to destinations outside of Europe usually take 6-14 business days.

It’s always recommended to check the estimated delivery timeframe provided by the sender or on the PostNL website for a more accurate estimate.

Does PostNL deliver on weekends/holidays in [target country]?

Delivery schedules can differ based on the specific country and local postal service regulations. Generally, PostNL international shipments might experience delivery exceptions on weekends or public holidays observed in the destination country.

What happens if my PostNL package is lost or damaged?

In the unfortunate event that your PostNL international package is lost or arrives damaged, it’s crucial to contact both PostNL and the sender immediately. They will guide you through the necessary steps to initiate an investigation and explore potential reimbursement options.

Why is Newegg associated with PostNL tracking?

Newegg, a popular online retailer of electronics and computer hardware, often utilizes PostNL’s international shipping services for orders shipped from specific regions. As a result, customers who have purchased items from Newegg might encounter PostNL tracking numbers and are directed to PostNL’s tracking platform for updates on their shipments.


Mastering PostNL international tracking empowers you to stay informed and in control throughout your shipment’s journey. By understanding tracking numbers, navigating the PostNL website, deciphering tracking statuses, and exploring alternative tracking methods, you can confidently manage your international parcels. Remember, should any questions arise, PostNL’s customer support is always there to assist you.