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Understanding Purolator Business Accounts: Benefits, Features, and How to Apply


Imagine your business struggling with inefficient shipping processes, unreliable deliveries, and soaring shipping costs. These challenges can significantly impact your bottom line and hinder your ability to provide excellent customer service. Enter Purolator Business Accounts – a comprehensive shipping solution designed to empower businesses like yours to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and unlock significant cost savings.

This blog post will delve into the world of Purolator Business Accounts, exploring the numerous benefits, powerful features, and the straightforward application process. We’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision and unlock the potential of this valuable resource for your business.

Table of Contents

Benefits of a Purolator Business Account

Purolator Business Accounts are more than just a shipping solution; they’re a strategic tool designed to elevate your business operations. Here are some key benefits that can significantly impact your company’s success:

Reduced Shipping Costs

The most compelling advantage of a Purolator Business Account is the potential for significant cost savings. Purolator offers discounted rates and volume discounts tailored to meet your business’s specific shipping needs. These discounts become even more substantial as your shipping volume increases, making it a highly cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Improved Efficiency

Purolator Business Accounts are designed to streamline your shipping process and enhance operational efficiency. Features like online shipping, automated label generation, and real-time tracking allow you to manage shipments efficiently without needing manual intervention. This translates to reduced administrative workload, minimized errors, and faster turnaround times, freeing up your team to focus on core business activities.

Enhanced Customer Service

Purolator Business Accounts provide dedicated business account support teams who are readily available to assist with any inquiries or challenges you may encounter. This personalized service ensures prompt and effective resolution of issues, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and a positive brand experience. Moreover, Purolator’s business account holders receive priority service, meaning their shipments are processed and delivered with greater urgency.

Increased Brand Recognition

Purolator offers customization options that allow you to personalize your shipping experience with your brand’s unique touch. From branded packaging and labels to custom delivery notifications, you can enhance brand visibility and create a consistent brand experience for your customers.

Streamlined Operations

Purolator Business Accounts provide a centralized platform for managing all your shipping needs. Whether you’re shipping a single package or managing multiple deliveries across various locations, the account allows you to easily track shipments, monitor delivery progress, and access detailed shipping history. This centralized control eliminates the need to manage multiple shipping accounts, simplifying your operations and reducing administrative burdens.

Features of Purolator Business Accounts

Purolator Business Accounts offer a robust set of features designed to optimize your shipping experience and deliver unparalleled efficiency. Let’s explore some of the key features:

Online Shipping Tools

The online shipping platform is the heart of your Purolator Business Account experience. It’s a user-friendly interface where you can manage all your shipping activities. Key features include:

  • Creating Shipments: Easily create shipments with detailed information about the sender, recipient, package details, and delivery options.
  • Generating Labels: Generate shipping labels directly from the platform, eliminating the need for manual labeling and ensuring accuracy.
  • Tracking Packages: Real-time tracking allows you to monitor the progress of your shipments, providing visibility into the delivery process and minimizing anxiety for both you and your customers.

Account Management

Your Purolator Business Account provides a comprehensive platform for managing all your account information. You can access and modify:

  • Account Details: Update your company information, contact details, and billing address to ensure accuracy and efficient communication.
  • Billing: View detailed invoices, track payments, and manage billing preferences.
  • Payment Options: Explore various payment options to suit your business needs, including credit card payments, direct debit, and online payment portals.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking is a cornerstone of Purolator Business Accounts. It gives you constant visibility into the whereabouts of your shipments, providing valuable insights into:

  • Shipment Location: Track your packages in real-time, knowing exactly where they are and when they are expected to arrive.
  • Delivery Status: Receive real-time updates on the progress of your shipments, including any potential delays or exceptions.
  • Delivery Confirmation: Confirm delivery of your shipments and receive automatic notifications once they reach their destination.

Delivery Options

Purolator offers a wide range of delivery options to meet the diverse needs of businesses:

  • Overnight Delivery: Choose overnight delivery for urgent shipments that require the fastest possible delivery.
  • Standard Delivery: Select standard delivery for routine shipments with a standard delivery time frame.
  • Expedited Delivery: Choose expedited delivery for time-sensitive shipments requiring faster delivery than standard service.

Insurance and Liability Coverage

Purolator offers various insurance options to protect your shipments against loss or damage. You can choose the level of coverage that best suits the value of your shipments and your risk tolerance. Additionally, Purolator provides liability coverage for any potential damages arising from their handling of your shipments.

How to Apply for a Purolator Business Account

Applying for a Purolator Business Account is a straightforward process. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Gather Required Information

To complete the application process, you will need to gather essential information and documentation. This may include:

  • Business Registration: Provide proof of your business registration, such as a business license or incorporation certificate.
  • Contact Details: Include your company’s contact information, including phone number, email address, and physical address.
  • Shipping Volume: Estimate your expected monthly or annual shipping volume to ensure the right account tier is selected for your needs.

Step 2: Visit the Purolator Website

Navigate to the Purolator website to locate the business account application page.

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

The online application form is designed to be user-friendly. You will need to provide details about your company, shipping needs, and contact information.

Step 4: Review and Submit

Before submitting your application, carefully review all the provided information for accuracy.

Step 5: Account Activation

After submitting your application, Purolator will review it and process your request. The activation process may take a few business days. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your account details and access information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the eligibility criteria for a business account? To be eligible for a Purolator Business Account, you must be a registered business operating within Canada. You may need to provide proof of your business registration and contact information.
  • What are the different account tiers and their associated benefits? Purolator offers various account tiers, each with different benefits and discounts. These tiers are typically based on your shipping volume and needs. Contact Purolator directly to discuss the specific account tiers and benefits available to your business.
  • Is there a monthly fee for a business account? There may be a monthly fee for certain Purolator Business Accounts, depending on the selected plan and your shipping volume.
  • Can I track multiple shipments with a business account? Purolator Business Accounts offer robust multi-shipment tracking capabilities. You can easily track all your shipments in real-time, regardless of the number of packages or destinations.
  • How can I contact Purolator business account support? You can reach Purolator business account support through various channels:
    • Phone: Contact Purolator directly via their business support hotline.
    • Email: Send an email to their dedicated business support address.
    • Online Chat: Utilize their online chat feature for quick and convenient support.


Purolator Business Accounts are an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to streamline their shipping processes, unlock cost savings, and enhance their customer service. The benefits of discounted rates, efficient online tools, and dedicated support make it a compelling solution for businesses of all sizes.

By taking advantage of the features and benefits of a Purolator Business Account, you can optimize your shipping operations, boost efficiency, and focus on growing your business. Apply today and experience the transformative power of Purolator Business Accounts!