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Purolator Same Day Delivery: Everything You Need to Know


Purolator is a leading shipping company in Canada, offering a wide range of delivery solutions for businesses and individuals. As the demand for fast and reliable delivery options continues to grow, same-day delivery services have become increasingly popular. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide to Purolator’s Same Day Delivery service, covering its features, benefits, and how to use it effectively.

Table of Contents

Understanding Purolator Same Day Delivery

What is Same Day Delivery?

Purolator’s Same Day Delivery service allows you to send packages within the same day, ensuring prompt and timely delivery to your recipients. This service caters to both businesses and individuals who require expedited delivery for urgent shipments.

Available Service Areas

Purolator Same Day Delivery is currently available in major cities and regions across Canada. You can find a detailed map of the service area on the Purolator website, which outlines the specific cities and postal codes covered.

Delivery Timeframes

The estimated delivery window for Purolator Same Day Delivery depends on the origin and destination of the package. You can typically expect delivery within a few hours of pickup, although factors such as traffic congestion or weather conditions may cause slight delays.

Package Size and Weight Restrictions

There are specific limitations on the size and weight of packages that can be shipped using Same Day Delivery. The maximum allowable dimensions and weight are clearly defined on the Purolator website. It’s essential to review these restrictions before scheduling a pickup to ensure your package meets the requirements. Please note that certain items, including hazardous materials, are prohibited from shipment through this service.

How to Use Purolator Same Day Delivery

Step 1: Sign Up or Log In

To use Purolator Same Day Delivery, you’ll need to create an account on the Purolator website or log in if you’re an existing customer. The sign-up process is straightforward and requires basic information, such as your name, email address, and phone number.

Step 2: Schedule a Pickup

Once you’ve created an account or logged in, you can schedule a pickup for your package. Purolator offers multiple ways to schedule a pickup:

  • Online Portal: You can easily schedule a pickup through the Purolator website. Simply enter the pickup location, delivery address, and package details.
  • Phone Call: You can also call Purolator’s customer service line to schedule a pickup. Be prepared to provide the necessary information, including the pickup and delivery addresses, package dimensions, and weight.
  • App: If you prefer a mobile experience, the Purolator app allows you to schedule pickups directly from your smartphone.

Step 3: Package Preparation

Properly preparing your package is crucial for a smooth delivery process. Here are some essential guidelines:

  • Packaging: Ensure the package is securely sealed and robust enough to withstand handling during transport. Use appropriate packaging materials like boxes, envelopes, or bubble wrap.
  • Labeling: Clearly label the package with the recipient’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Address Information: Double-check the accuracy of the delivery address to avoid any delivery delays or misdeliveries.

Step 4: Track Your Package

Once your package has been picked up, you can track its progress in real-time using the tracking number provided by Purolator. You can track your package using the following options:

  • Website: Visit the Purolator website and enter your tracking number to view the current status of your package.
  • App: The Purolator app allows you to track your package directly from your smartphone. You’ll receive real-time updates and notifications about the delivery process.
  • Email Notifications: You can opt for email notifications to receive updates about your package’s status, including pickup confirmation, delivery updates, and any potential delays.

Pricing and Fees

Base Delivery Charges

The base delivery charges for Purolator Same Day Delivery vary depending on several factors, including the distance between the pickup and delivery locations, the size and weight of the package, and any special handling requirements.

Additional Fees

In addition to the base delivery charges, there may be additional fees for certain services, such as:

  • Rush Delivery: For urgent deliveries, you may have to pay an extra fee for expedited service.
  • Special Handling: If your package requires special handling, such as fragile items, you may incur additional charges.
  • Insurance: You can purchase insurance to protect your package against damage or loss during transit.

Payment Options

Purolator Same Day Delivery accepts a variety of payment methods, including:

  • Credit Card: Major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, are accepted.
  • Debit Card: You can also use a debit card to pay for the service.
  • Online Payments: Purolator also offers online payment options through its website or app.

Benefits of Purolator Same Day Delivery

Speed and Convenience

Purolator Same Day Delivery offers significant advantages in terms of speed and convenience. It enables you to send packages quickly and efficiently, ensuring timely delivery to your recipients. The service is particularly beneficial for urgent shipments where every minute counts.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Offering same-day delivery options can significantly enhance customer satisfaction. By providing fast and reliable delivery services, you can improve customer experiences and build stronger relationships.

Competitive Edge for Businesses

For businesses, same-day delivery can provide a competitive edge. It enables faster fulfillment and same-day delivery options for customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a delivery is missed?

If a delivery is missed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the recipient being unavailable or an incorrect address, you will be notified by Purolator. You can then arrange for a reschedule of the delivery.

Can I track my package in real-time?

Yes, you can track your package in real-time using the tracking number provided by Purolator. You can track your package through the Purolator website, app, or by receiving email notifications.

What happens if my package is damaged or lost in transit?

Purolator has insurance options available to protect your package against damage or loss during transit. If your package is damaged or lost, you can file a claim with Purolator to receive compensation.

Are there any minimum order requirements for Same Day Delivery?

There may be minimum order requirements for using the Same Day Delivery service, depending on the region and specific details of the order. It’s best to check with Purolator directly to confirm any applicable minimum order requirements.

What is the cut-off time for scheduling Same Day Delivery?

The cut-off time for scheduling Same Day Delivery varies depending on the pickup location and delivery destination. You can find the specific cut-off times on the Purolator website or by contacting their customer service team.


Purolator Same Day Delivery offers a reliable and efficient solution for businesses and individuals who need to send packages urgently. The service provides fast delivery times, convenient pickup options, and comprehensive tracking features. With its extensive service area and competitive pricing, Purolator Same Day Delivery can be an invaluable tool for meeting your urgent shipping needs.