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How to Ship Fragile Items Safely with Purolator: A Comprehensive Guide


Shipping fragile items can be a stressful experience. You want to ensure your precious belongings arrive at their destination safe and sound, without any damage. This is especially true when you’re relying on a shipping company to handle the delicate transport. That’s where Purolator comes in – they offer a range of services specifically designed to make shipping fragile items a worry-free experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the best practices for shipping fragile items with Purolator, providing you with the knowledge and steps to confidently send your valuables with peace of mind.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Fragile Item Shipping with Purolator
  2. Step-by-Step Guide to Pack Your Fragile Items Safely
  3. Shipping Your Package with Purolator
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Conclusion

Understanding Fragile Item Shipping with Purolator

Purolator’s Services for Fragile Items

Purolator recognizes the unique needs of shipping fragile items. Their services are designed to provide you with the confidence that your valuables will arrive in perfect condition. Here are some key aspects of their offerings:

  • Fragile Shipping Label: A clear “Fragile” label on your package is the first step in ensuring careful handling. Purolator provides these labels, which are essential for alerting handlers to the delicate nature of your shipment.
  • Protective Packaging Options: Purolator understands the importance of proper packaging. They offer a selection of protective materials to help you pack your items safely. These include:
    • Bubble wrap: This popular material provides cushioning and protects against shock.
    • Foam inserts: These can be customized to fit the exact shape of your item, offering maximum protection.
    • Corrugated boxes: Purolator offers various sizes of sturdy corrugated boxes designed to withstand the rigors of shipping.
  • Special Handling: Purolator employees are trained to handle fragile shipments with extra care. They take special precautions to ensure that your package is handled gently throughout the entire shipping process.

Purolator’s services are suitable for a wide range of fragile items, including:

  • Electronics: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras, and other delicate electronic devices.
  • Artwork: Paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art require special handling to prevent damage.
  • Glassware: From fine china to delicate glassware, Purolator provides the tools and services to ship these items safely.

The Importance of Proper Packaging

Even with Purolator’s special handling procedures, the success of your fragile shipment hinges on proper packaging. It’s the foundation for a safe journey for your valuable items. Consider this:

  • A poorly packed item can move around inside the box, leading to damage during transit. Imagine a delicate vase bouncing against the walls of a loosely packed box—not a pretty picture.
  • Improper cushioning can fail to absorb shock, resulting in breakage. If your fragile item doesn’t have sufficient protection, even minor bumps during handling can cause irreparable damage.

You can avoid these scenarios by investing time and effort in proper packaging. Let’s delve into the steps that will ensure your fragile item arrives in pristine condition.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pack Your Fragile Items Safely

Choosing the Right Box

The first step in protecting your fragile item is choosing the right box. Here’s what to consider:

  • Size: Select a box that’s slightly larger than your item, leaving enough space for protective materials. This allows for ample cushioning and prevents the item from moving around freely.
  • Strength: Double-walled boxes offer superior strength and protection against crushing or bending. For particularly delicate items, consider using a box designed specifically for fragile shipments.
  • Condition: Ensure the box is free of rips, tears, or previous damage. A damaged box can compromise the safety of your item during shipping.

Using Protective Packaging Materials

Once you have the right box, it’s time to add layers of protection. Here’s a breakdown of common materials and how to use them effectively:

  • Bubble wrap: This versatile material is a must-have for fragile items.
    • Wrap your item in several layers of bubble wrap, ensuring that every surface is covered.
    • For extra security, consider using multiple layers of bubble wrap.
  • Foam inserts: These provide a snug fit for irregular shapes and offer excellent shock absorption.
    • Customize foam inserts to perfectly fit your item, minimizing movement within the box.
    • Choose inserts with a high density for maximum protection.
  • Packing peanuts: These fill voids within the box and absorb shock, preventing items from shifting during transit.
    • Use packing peanuts generously to fill all empty spaces in the box.
    • You can purchase packing peanuts in biodegradable options for an eco-friendly choice.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to use multiple layers of protective materials. A combination of bubble wrap, foam inserts, and packing peanuts will provide maximum protection against shocks and bumps during shipping.

Securing the Item Inside the Box

Once your item is wrapped and cushioned, it’s crucial to secure it within the box to prevent movement during transit. Here’s how:

  • Tape: Use strong packing tape to secure all seams of the box, ensuring that it won’t open during handling.
  • Additional Padding: Place extra padding around the item, especially at the corners and edges, to provide extra protection.
  • Secure the Item: If possible, tie or strap the item down inside the box to prevent movement. This is particularly important for items that are prone to shifting, such as glass or artwork.

Labeling the Package

Clear labeling is essential for ensuring your package is handled with care. Follow these guidelines:

  • “Fragile” Label: Clearly mark your package with a “Fragile” label. This alert will inform handlers to treat the package with extra caution.
  • Shipping Information: Ensure your package has accurate and complete shipping information, including the recipient’s name, address, and contact information.
  • Special Handling Instructions: If your item requires any special handling, such as “This side up” or “Handle with care,” clearly indicate these instructions on the package.

Shipping Your Package with Purolator

Choosing the Right Shipping Service

Purolator offers various shipping options for fragile items, each with different delivery speeds and costs. Here’s a breakdown of common choices:

  • Express Delivery: For urgent shipments, Purolator’s express service delivers your package quickly, ensuring timely arrival.
  • Standard Delivery: For less urgent shipments, standard delivery offers a more affordable option with a slightly longer delivery timeframe.

The best option for you will depend on the urgency of your shipment and your budget. Consider the following factors:

  • Delivery Speed: How quickly do you need your package to arrive?
  • Cost: What is your budget for shipping?
  • Insurance: Do you need insurance to cover potential damage?

Preparing Your Package for Pickup

Once your fragile item is packed and labeled, you’re ready to schedule a pickup with Purolator.

  • Online: Use Purolator’s website to schedule a pickup at a convenient time and location.
  • Phone: Call Purolator’s customer service to arrange a pickup. They’re available to answer any questions and assist you with the process.

For fragile shipments, ensure your package is easily accessible for pickup and that the “Fragile” label is clearly visible.

Tracking Your Package

After your package is picked up, you can track its progress through Purolator’s online tracking system or mobile app. This provides real-time updates on your package’s location and estimated delivery date.

Tracking your package allows you to:

  • Monitor its progress: Stay updated on the package’s journey and ensure it’s on schedule.
  • Address potential issues: If there are any delays or unexpected issues, you can address them promptly.
  • Prepare for delivery: Receive timely updates so you can be ready to receive your package upon arrival.

By tracking your package, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your fragile item is en route safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my package gets damaged during shipping?

If your package is damaged during shipping, Purolator has a process to help you resolve the issue. First, document the damage by taking photographs of the package and the item inside. Then, contact Purolator customer service to report the damage and file a claim. They’ll guide you through the process and work to resolve the issue fairly and efficiently.

Can I insure my fragile item for extra protection?

Yes, you can purchase insurance for your fragile item to protect against damage or loss during shipping. Purolator offers various insurance options that cover the full value of your shipment. This additional protection gives you extra peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered in case of unexpected events.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when shipping fragile items?

Several common mistakes can lead to damage during shipping. Here are some to avoid:

  • Using a box that’s too small: A tight fit can lead to crushing or bending, so always choose a box that’s slightly larger than your item.
  • Not using enough protective materials: Don’t skimp on bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or foam inserts. The more protection, the better!
  • Forgetting to secure the item inside the box: Make sure your item is firmly secured to prevent movement during transit.
  • Not clearly labeling the package: A “Fragile” label is crucial for alerting handlers to the delicate nature of your shipment.

Is it possible to ship items that are too large or bulky?

Yes, Purolator can handle oversized and bulky items. They offer specialized services for such shipments, including freight shipping. Contact Purolator directly for information on their options for oversized items.


Shipping fragile items doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. With Purolator’s specialized services and a little careful planning, you can ensure that your valuable items arrive safely at their destination. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to ship fragile items with ease. Remember, proper packaging, clear labeling, and choosing the right shipping service are key to a successful and damage-free delivery.