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Purolator Tracking: A Step-by-Step Guide (with Solutions for Common Issues)


Purolator is a leading courier and logistics company in Canada, offering a wide range of shipping solutions for businesses and individuals. Whether you’re sending a gift across the country or managing a complex supply chain, having reliable tracking information is crucial for peace of mind. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to track your Purolator shipments efficiently and navigate any potential issues that may arise.

Table of Contents

Tracking Your Purolator Package: A Simple Guide

Tracking your Purolator package is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps. Follow this guide to stay informed about your shipment’s progress:

Step 1: Obtain Your Tracking Number:

Your tracking number is the key to accessing your shipment information. It’s typically provided in the following ways:

  • Shipping Confirmation Email: Purolator will send you an email confirmation with the tracking number once your package is picked up.
  • Receipt: If you’re dropping off your package at a Purolator location, the receipt will include your tracking number.
  • Label: The tracking number is often printed directly on the shipping label attached to your package.

Step 2: Access the Purolator Website:

Head over to the Purolator website at Look for the “Track” or “Tracking” option, usually located in the navigation bar or header.

Step 3: Enter Your Tracking Number:

On the tracking page, you’ll find a field where you can enter your tracking number. Make sure to type it accurately, including any hyphens or spaces.

Step 4: View Your Tracking Information:

Once you’ve entered the tracking number, click “Track” or “Submit”. You’ll be presented with a detailed tracking summary, which typically includes:

  • Current Status: The current location and status of your package (e.g., “In transit”, “Delivered”).
  • Estimated Delivery Date: The anticipated arrival date of your package.
  • Package Location: The current location of your package, often displayed on a map.
  • Tracking History: A log of all previous events related to your shipment, such as pick-up, arrival at a sorting facility, and delivery attempts.

Exploring Purolator’s Tracking Features

Purolator provides a range of additional features to enhance your tracking experience:

Purolator Mobile App

For on-the-go convenience, Purolator offers a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. With the app, you can easily track your shipments, receive delivery notifications, and manage your Purolator account.

Delivery Notifications

Stay informed about your package’s progress with Purolator’s delivery notifications. You can choose to receive these notifications via email, SMS text messages, or push notifications through the app. This feature ensures you’re always up-to-date on your shipment’s status, even if you’re away from your computer.

Tracking for Multiple Shipments

If you’re tracking multiple shipments, Purolator allows you to do so conveniently. You can save your tracking numbers or access your shipment history to view the status of all your packages in one place.

Addressing Common Purolator Tracking Issues

While Purolator offers a reliable tracking system, you may occasionally encounter issues. Here’s how to address some common problems:

“Tracking Number Not Found”

If you enter a tracking number and receive an error message stating that it’s not found, there are a few possibilities:

  • Incorrect Tracking Number: Double-check that you’ve entered the correct tracking number, ensuring that you haven’t missed any characters or typos.
  • System Errors: Sometimes, temporary system errors can occur. Try re-entering your tracking number later or refreshing the tracking page.
  • Invalid Tracking Number: The tracking number may be invalid or not yet associated with a shipment.
  • Incorrect Shipping Label: The shipping label may have been incorrectly attached to the wrong package.

If you’re still unable to find your tracking number, contact Purolator customer support for assistance.

“Package Delayed”

Delays can occur for various reasons, including:

  • Weather: Extreme weather conditions can disrupt deliveries, causing delays in service.
  • Traffic: Heavy traffic or road closures can impact delivery schedules.
  • Unforeseen Circumstances: Unexpected events such as accidents or natural disasters can affect the delivery process.

If you notice a delay in your shipment, check the tracking information for updates on the expected delivery date. If you’re concerned about the delay, contact Purolator customer support for more information.

“Package Delivered, But I Didn’t Receive It”

If the tracking information indicates that your package has been delivered, but you haven’t received it, take the following steps:

  • Check with Neighbors: Ask your neighbors if they received a package addressed to you, especially if you live in an apartment building or shared residence.
  • Verify with Building Management: Contact your building manager or front desk to confirm if they received the package on your behalf.
  • Track the Package’s Final Location: Check the tracking information for the exact delivery location to ensure it matches your address.
  • Contact Purolator: If you’ve exhausted all other options and still haven’t received your package, contact Purolator customer support to report the missing package and investigate further.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purolator Tracking

How long does it take for Purolator to deliver a package?

The delivery timeframe for a Purolator package depends on several factors, including the destination, service type, and any potential delays. Generally, deliveries within the same city or region can take 1-2 business days, while cross-country deliveries may take 2-5 business days. For more specific delivery estimates, consult the Purolator website or contact their customer service team.

Can I track my package without a tracking number?

No, you cannot track a Purolator package without a tracking number. The tracking number is a unique identifier that links your shipment to its tracking information in Purolator’s system.

What happens if my package is damaged in transit?

If you receive a damaged package, immediately report it to Purolator customer support. They’ll guide you through the process of filing a damage claim. Make sure to keep the damaged package and its contents for inspection.

Can I change the delivery address of my package after it’s shipped?

It’s possible to change the delivery address of your package after it’s shipped, but it’s not always guaranteed. Contact Purolator customer support as soon as possible to request an address change. They’ll assess whether the request can be fulfilled and inform you of any potential fees or delays.

Is it safe to provide my personal information on the Purolator website?

Purolator is committed to protecting your personal information and data security. They employ industry-standard encryption and security measures to safeguard your information during online transactions.


Tracking your Purolator shipments is an essential part of ensuring a smooth and hassle-free delivery experience. With this step-by-step guide, you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to track your packages efficiently and address any potential issues that may arise. Remember to utilize Purolator’s website, mobile app, and customer support for assistance and timely updates.

By understanding the tracking process and utilizing the resources available, you can have greater peace of mind knowing that your valuable shipments are on their way safely and securely.