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Rexall Post Office Hours Near Me: What You Need to Know


Imagine this: you’re rushing to send a birthday card, but the post office is closed. Or maybe you need to pick up a package, but the closest location is miles away. Sound familiar? Finding a convenient and reliable place to access postal services can be a real challenge. But what if you could easily send mail or pick up packages at a location you visit regularly? This is where Rexall Post Offices come in.

These convenient locations, nestled within familiar Rexall stores, offer a wide range of postal services, providing a simple and efficient solution for all your mailing needs. This blog post serves as your ultimate guide to finding Rexall Post Offices near you, understanding their services, and maximizing your postal convenience.

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Understanding Rexall Post Office Services

Rexall Post Offices are a unique partnership that brings the convenience of postal services directly to your neighborhood Rexall store. This means you can access a wide range of services without having to make a separate trip to the post office.

What services can I access at Rexall Post Offices?

Basic Services:

  • Stamps: Purchase stamps for domestic and international mail in various denominations.
  • Mailboxes: Find conveniently located mailboxes for dropping off letters and packages.
  • Packaging: Purchase envelopes, boxes, and other packaging materials for sending your mail securely.
  • Sending Letters and Packages: Prepare and send letters, postcards, and packages both domestically and internationally.

Additional Services:

Many Rexall Post Offices also offer additional services that can save you time and effort:

  • Passport Photos: Get professional passport photos taken directly at the store.
  • Money Orders: Purchase money orders for safe and secure financial transactions.
  • Prepaid Cards: Buy prepaid cards for convenient gift-giving or reloading your account.

Benefits of Using Rexall Post Offices:

  • Convenience: No more long lines or inconvenient trips to the post office. Simply stop by your nearest Rexall and get your postal needs taken care of quickly.
  • Accessibility: Rexall locations are often found in convenient locations, making postal services readily accessible to everyone.
  • Extended Hours: Many Rexall locations have extended hours, providing flexibility for those who can’t make it to the post office during standard business hours.

Finding Rexall Post Offices Near You

Locating a Rexall Post Office near you is incredibly easy, thanks to various resources and tools designed to make your search hassle-free.

1. Online Locator:

  • Rexall Website: Visit the official Rexall website and use their store locator tool. Simply enter your address or zip code, and the website will display a list of nearby Rexall locations with postal services.
  • Google Maps: Use the powerful Google Maps search function. Type “Rexall Post Office” followed by your city or location, and Google Maps will pinpoint the nearest Rexall locations offering postal services.

2. Mobile App:

  • Rexall Mobile App: Download the Rexall mobile app from your app store. This app is a convenient tool for finding Rexall locations, checking hours, and even browsing products.

3. Other Resources:

  • Local Phone Directories: Check your local phone directory for listings of Rexall locations in your area.
  • Community Websites: Browse local community websites for listings of businesses, including Rexall locations with postal services.

Tips for Accurate Location Searches:

  • Be Specific: Provide your exact address or location details for the most accurate search results.
  • Filter by Service Type: Use the search filters to narrow your results to locations offering postal services specifically.
  • Check Operating Hours: Make sure to verify the store’s operating hours before visiting to avoid disappointment.

Checking Rexall Post Office Hours

Finding accurate and up-to-date information on Rexall Post Office hours is crucial to avoid wasted trips. Here’s how to stay informed:

1. Online Information:

  • Rexall Website: The Rexall website is your one-stop shop for checking store hours. You can typically find store hours listed directly on the location page.
  • Rexall App: The Rexall app also provides detailed information on store hours, making it an easy and convenient resource.

2. Phone Calls:

  • Direct Call: If you need the most up-to-date information, calling the store directly is always a reliable option.

3. Holidays and Special Events:

  • Hour Variations: It’s important to remember that store hours may vary during holidays and special events. Make sure to check for any adjusted hours in advance.

Tips for Confirmation:

  • Double Check: Always double-check the hours before visiting to ensure accuracy and avoid any surprises.
  • Call Ahead: For important or time-sensitive mailings, it’s a good idea to call the store ahead of time to confirm the latest hours and service availability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions about Rexall Post Offices:

  • Can I buy stamps at Rexall? Yes, you can buy stamps for both domestic and international mail at Rexall Post Offices.
  • Do Rexall Post Offices accept packages? Yes, Rexall Post Offices accept packages for both domestic and international shipping.
  • What are the hours of operation during weekends and holidays? Store hours may vary on weekends and holidays. Be sure to check for any adjusted hours online or by calling the store.
  • How do I check if a specific Rexall location offers passport photos? You can check the Rexall website or app for store-specific details on services offered. Some locations may offer passport photos, while others may not.
  • Is there a fee for using Rexall Post Office services? Fees for postage and additional services may apply. Check the Rexall website or app for a breakdown of fees.
  • Are there any restrictions on the size or weight of packages? Package size and weight restrictions may apply. Consult the Canada Post website or the Rexall website for specific guidelines.
  • What happens if I miss the last pickup time? If you miss the last pickup time for your location, your package may be picked up the following business day.


Finding a convenient and reliable place to access postal services is crucial for everyone, and Rexall Post Offices provide a valuable solution. By utilizing online resources, checking store hours, and understanding the available services, you can easily access a wide range of postal options directly at your local Rexall store. This convenience saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important tasks. Remember, Rexall Post Offices are your trusted partners for all your mailing needs, making everyday mailings a breeze.