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La Poste Tracking Not Updating? Common Issues and Solutions


La Poste, the French postal service, is a vital part of the country’s logistics infrastructure. Its tracking system provides valuable insight into the journey of your packages, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to plan accordingly. However, it can be frustrating when La Poste tracking information stops updating, leaving you in the dark about your package’s whereabouts. This blog post will explore the common reasons behind this issue and provide you with practical solutions to get your tracking back on track.

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Common Reasons for La Poste Tracking Not Updating

There are several reasons why La Poste tracking information might not be updating. Understanding these reasons will help you troubleshoot the problem efficiently.

Technical Glitches

La Poste’s tracking system, like any online platform, can experience technical glitches. These glitches might occur due to server downtime, maintenance, or software updates. If the tracking system is temporarily unavailable, it will hinder the update process.

Delays in Delivery

Delays are a common occurrence in the shipping industry, and La Poste is no exception. Various factors can contribute to delays, including:

  • Traffic congestion: Busy roads can cause delivery vehicles to be delayed, affecting the tracking update timeline.
  • Weather conditions: Severe weather events like snowstorms, heavy rain, or extreme heat can disrupt delivery operations and lead to delays.
  • Customs clearance: International shipments often require customs inspection, which can add extra time to the delivery process.

Incorrect Tracking Number

Double-checking the accuracy of your tracking number is crucial. Even a small typo can result in inaccurate tracking information. The best way to verify your tracking number is to enter it on the official La Poste tracking website and ensure it matches the number on your shipping label.

Package Not Scanned

Occasionally, packages might not be scanned at every stage of the delivery process. This can happen due to human error or technical issues with the scanning equipment. When a package is not scanned, its location information remains unavailable, resulting in a lack of updates.

International Shipments

International shipments often experience longer tracking delays compared to domestic deliveries. This is due to factors like customs clearance, time zone differences, and the potential for handling by multiple carriers.

Solutions to La Poste Tracking Not Updating

Now that you understand the common reasons for tracking issues, let’s move on to the practical solutions:

Refresh the Tracking Page

The most straightforward solution is to refresh the tracking page in your browser. Sometimes, the latest tracking information might be temporarily unavailable and requires a refresh to display.

Verify Tracking Number

Always verify your tracking number to ensure it is correct. You can do this by checking the shipping label, email confirmation, or website where you purchased the item. If you find a discrepancy, update it on the La Poste tracking website.

Contact La Poste Customer Service

If refreshing the page and verifying the tracking number don’t resolve the issue, reaching out to La Poste customer service is the next step. They can investigate the situation and provide you with more information about your package’s whereabouts.

Wait for Updates

In some cases, tracking information may simply lag. This is particularly true for international shipments where updates can take a few days to appear. Patience is key, and you should check the tracking page periodically for updates.

Consider Alternate Shipping Options

If your package is urgent and La Poste is not updating tracking information, you might consider using an alternative shipping provider like DHL, FedEx, or UPS. These companies often offer more reliable tracking and faster delivery times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it usually take for La Poste to update tracking information?
    • The time it takes for La Poste to update tracking information varies depending on the type of shipment. For domestic deliveries, updates typically occur within 24 hours, while international shipments might take a few days.
  • What should I do if my tracking number is incorrect?
    • If you realize your tracking number is incorrect, you should immediately contact La Poste customer service and provide them with the correct number. They can then update your tracking information accordingly.
  • Can I track my package if it’s sent from outside France?
    • Yes, you can usually track your package if it’s sent from outside France, even if it’s being delivered by La Poste. However, tracking information may be limited, especially if the package is handled by different carriers throughout its journey.
  • How do I file a claim if my package is lost or damaged?
    • To file a claim with La Poste, you will need to contact their customer service department and provide them with details about your package, including the tracking number, date of purchase, and description of the lost or damaged item. They will guide you through the claims process.
  • What are the different types of La Poste shipping services?
    • La Poste offers a wide range of shipping services, including:
      • Colissimo: A door-to-door delivery service for packages up to 30 kg.
      • Chronopost: A faster delivery service with guaranteed delivery times.
      • Relais Colis: A service where you can send and receive packages at a local pick-up point.
      • Lettre Suivie: A tracking service for letters and small envelopes.


La Poste’s tracking system is a valuable tool for keeping track of your packages. While tracking issues can be frustrating, understanding the common causes and solutions allows you to troubleshoot problems efficiently and stay informed about your shipment’s progress. Remember to refresh the tracking page, verify your tracking number, and contact La Poste customer service if needed. With patience and proactive measures, you can ensure that your La Poste tracking information remains updated and reliable.