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Trakpak(FedEx Cross Border) Tracking: The Best Way to Ship Your Packages

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The efficient delivery process is run flawlessly by Trakpak(FedEx Cross Border) with the aid of neighborhood courier services. They pick up the package from the specified address. Following a P2P center’s sorting of the packages, a postal courier is used to deliver the packages to the address. The operator of the services guarantees that the communicating parties can follow the package’s progress. By entering the tracking number for the package into their webpage, you will receive complete tracking information. You may keep track of the package’s location and delivery date.

Only with a few clicks on this website can you monitor every parcel sent via TrakPak courier, which offers to ship to many nations worldwide. When a shipment is shipped to its destination, the sender must give you a piece of tracking information that you may use on our website to trace the arrival of your letter or parcel.

Twenty characters, including letters and numbers, comprise the Trakpak tracking information format. Typically, identification numbers start with three capital letters, then an alphanumerical combination.

Introduction to Trakpak(FedEx Cross Border)

TrakPak fedex p2p banner

Trakpak is one of the most well-liked suppliers in the United Kingdom and the initial global provider to offer the point-to-point (P2P) tracking system. Both people and corporations frequently utilize TrakPak, a cheap parcel transportation service, to transport and receive foreign packages.

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Among the most popular courier companies for sending large, heavy packages overseas is TrakPak. Compared to rivals, it provides the most affordable quotations for extensive transit. It’s generally the least expensive choice if you don’t need a fast delivery service. TrakPak is the leading supplier for sending bulky packages to regions like South America and Asia.

Trakpak is now FedEx Cross Border

In the U.S., for example, customers are willing to pay more for shipping if it means their purchase will arrive faster. In contrast, customers in the UK are more price-sensitive and are less likely to choose expedited shipping options.

P2P has also developed a strong understanding of the e-commerce market in China, which is the world’s largest e-commerce market.

P2P’s CEO, Richard Smith, said in a statement that the acquisition will allow the company to “leverage the scale, reach and resources of FedEx to accelerate our growth.”

“This is an exciting time for P2P as we join forces with FedEx and enter the next phase of our development,” Smith said. “We are confident that, together, we can provide even more value to our customers by expanding our reach and capabilities.”

FedEx announced in March 2018 that it has acquired P2P Mailing Limited, a UK-based provider of global e-commerce shipping solutions, for £92m.

The company said in a statement that P2P capabilities complement and expand FedEx’s product portfolio, which is important for the rapidly growing global e-commerce market.

Founded in 2009, P2P leverages relationships with private, postal, retail and customs brokers in over 200 countries to offer unique last-mile delivery options to its customers.

Headquartered in Raindon, UK, P2P will operate within the operating company FedEx Trade Networks as a subsidiary of FedEx Cross Border.

P2P’s strength lies in its cross-border logistics solutions, and one of the highlights of its infographic is the company’s unique understanding of the diversity of consumer preferences in different countries.

What is TrakPak’s P2P?

A fascinating new trend is package delivery from peer-to-peer (P2P). When a traveler transports a package from the sender to the recipient while making a trip they had already planned to make, they are paid a fee to help cover their travel expenses.

The recommended option for a rapid deployment tailored to the peculiarities of e-commerce is the P2P Trakpak service. P2P provides various solutions to assure reliability and safety involved in the implementation, including P2P EXPRESS for expedited deliveries, P2P Returns for managing returns, and P2P Untrak, which is the delivery option that does not include tracking.

P2P Mailing works with other businesses to ensure complete distributions, local delivery, and resources in the language used in the delivery region to enhance the purchasing customer experience.

The receiver and the vendor can profit from P2P Trakpak’s affordable shipping options, which come with monitoring and an accelerated shipment choice.

When Will You Receive Your Parcel?

The service provider’s delivery date largely depends on where you are. For locations throughout Europe, the estimated arrival time ranges from four to six working days. TrakPak needs seven to ten working days to deliver a package to Asian countries and eight to twelve days to the South American region.

What are TrakPak’s Rates?

The type of shipment, its dimensions, and route all affect the Trakpak delivery rates. Because of the large number of packages transported daily, the Trakpak service frequently has inexpensive pricing. As a package delivery forwarder, Trakpak gathers the items before directing them to foreign delivery companies. As a result, the middleman handles the final delivery between the merchant and the shipping firm.

Trakpak(FedEx Cross Border) Contact Details

Do you have any questions or concerns about their services? You may reach out to them via their contact information listed below:

Headquarter1.844.903.00316075 Poplar Avenue Suite 300 Memphis, TN 38119

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